[Review] BabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Irons

As hair iron have become something totally indispensable in today’s life, and talking about them is incomplete without Babyliss.
babyliss pro nano flat iron
Babyliss is one of the most established brand in selling the best hair tools. They have a vast range of hair products but their flat irons occupies a prominent share of market around the world. Babyliss focuses on advanced technology like use of nano titanium that makes it different from titanium flat irons. Nano titanium technology enhances titanium properties, means; increased temperature conductivity and stability, more negative ions to straighten hair in healthy way, and much smooth surface to pass effortlessly, etc. Moreover, availability of upto 50 different heat settings (upto 450 degree Fahrenheit) in Babyliss pro nano titanium provides ideal temperature for each hair type and thus; makes it the right choice for home and saloon use also.

3 Best BabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

The pro nano titanium series of Babyliss flat irons is the most popular yet the most amazing one so far. It has a vast range of different models, all equipped with varying features. Following is comparison in between Babyliss Pro Nano Straightening Iron Vs Ultra Thin Vs Mini flat iron:

Features Straightening Iron Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron Mini Straightening Iron
Plate Material Pro-nano titanium plated Pro-nano titanium plated Titanium/ceramic plates
Plate width 1-1/4” 1”, 1-1/2” and 2 inch 0.5 Inch
Maximum heat 450°F 450°F 440°F
Housing Ryton Ryton Ryton
Sizes 3 sizes 3 sizes 2 sizes
Auto-shut off Yes No No
Required hair type Best for fine to medium hairs Best for all hair types Best for short thin hairs
Heating Time 40 seconds 40 seconds 30 seconds
Efficiency Medium High Low
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon See On Amazon


Following is a review on detailed features of all 3 best Babyliss pro nano titanium flat irons, respectively.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

babyliss pro nano hair straightening iron
The so famous Babyliss pro nano titanium plated straightening iron is especially manufactured not only to give your hair a sleek look but with an endless shine. It does not only straights your hair but helps in getting the damaged one back to life.

The iron has ceramic plates that are coated with titanium to give your hair a more fine texture. The titanium coated plate’s heats up very quickly in just 40 seconds.

It heats up maximum up to 450 degree Fahrenheit that is a maximum limit for flatirons.

This amazing hair beauty has a ceramic heater that emits negative ions. This technology is so adapted to give your hair a very glossy and shiny look. The ejection of these negative ions makes all your dry damaged hair healthy and shiny again. The outcome is totally frizz free and in a good volume.

Moreover, the housing is ryton made that resist heat effectively so with this one you may not at all fear of burning your hand in hurry.

In addition, this flatiron enables you to auto shut-off option. It automatically gets off after 60 seconds if you stop using it. Perfect for working woman to use in morning when in hurry.

Last but not the least, it is enough light and comfortable to be carried anywhere anytime. The 9-foot-long swivel cord makes it easy to move it all over your hair.

It is suitable for all hair types. So no matter if you have fine, thin, thick, curly, black, or normal hair, it will work best on all.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

babyliss pro nano titanium ultra thin flat iron
You may have heard someone saying that the slim the design is, the easier is the use!

This is probably the thinnest, most advanced and popular hair iron available in market and thus proves to be extremely convenient to use all over your hair and the best one to carry when traveling.

The plates are titanium plated again that emits negative ions and reduces the corrosion of charged particles with your hair. This helps eradicating all frizz from your hair and producing an endless shine to last a day at least. Plus, it gives life to damaged and dead split ends so the outcome is like flawless from top to bottom.

Its attractive appearance is not only bound to the sleek design, but it comes in appealing colors including, red, blue, silver etc.

It has extra-long 5 inch plates that allows you to straight big portions of your hair all at once.

Moreover, It heats up from 180 to maximum of 450 degree Fahrenheit and has an LED display screen for showing temperature. So you may use it on any kind of hair type either, thin, thick, curled, or even can use it to straighten synthetic hair as well.

The housing is ryton made so you may have no trouble using it for hours. The outer portion will always remain cool.

This model doesn’t has an auto-shut off option. So one may face trouble using it when in hurry. As if left it on for a long time, it may burn or do shot-circuit. Apart from this, overall, it’s a great one to straight your hair perfectly from top to tip with no hand fatigue at all since it weighs 1 pound only. With this on, you may surely offset the saloon look at home. It goes with all hair types.

3. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

babyliss mini hair iron
If you are a travel person or the one who always has a lot of luggage and ends up with no room for flat iron then this one is going to be best for you. This flatiron is only 6 inches long that is incredibly easy to fit anywhere even in your handbag. You can carry it anywhere and set the style-game strong.

In addition to this, it is dual voltage so you may not fear burning it.

The plates are ceramic titanium and curved edges for easy styling. The ceramic technology doesn’t at all damages your hair but it even gives life ti the dead ones.

Heating criteria is a bit a low than maximum. It heats up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit under the time lapse of 30 seconds.

babyliss pro nano titanium mini straightening iron has a very good outcome on your hair and cuts frizz to a maximum level but make sure if you have very thick and stubborn hair then you may use this one as an additional one. It will straight them but it will be very time consuming then.

Overall, it’s a great choice from all aspects.

How to Use

There are certain precautions and steps you need to ensure before start straightening your hair either by using Babyliss Pro nano titanium flat irons or any other. Avoid straightening for a day or atleast for half if you have made them dyed, let them mature and fully absorb the color.

Make sure your hairs are clean and not oiled. Babyliss Pro nano titanium Ultra Thin is equipped with wet to dry feature means, it can be used on damp hairs right after taking shower. Before plugging in, make sure your flat iron plates are clean then, pre heat by setting it to a proper temperature according to your hair type. For fine hairs, it should be below 300 degrees, and increase it according to your hair texture and thickness.

It is also recommended to check your hairs health time to time, to ensure that they are not damaged and are able to engage with different hair styling tools. Take care of their proper diet to have shiny and healthy hairs.


The above guide must be sufficient to help you out select the best from the pro nano series. Do read the features thoroughly and then opt the best for you.

Among all three, I personally prefer BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron because, first it can be use on any kind of hair from thin to thick curly and its wide plates also makes it easy to use and gives quicker quality results regardless of hairs length. In addition, it is the only model that comes with an additional feature of auto-shut off. The third one that is the mini is actually manufactured for traveling. If you are the one who is always on tour then you must have this one however, keep in mind mini is not suitable for thick hair.

Select wisely according to your hair and enjoy beautifully straight hairs all day, every day!


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