How To Straighten Wig (Human & Synthetic Hair Both)

Wigs are not something rare anymore. Nowadays, almost every 3rd person owes a wig/extensions/hair clips to have an entirely new look on their face or to just to enhance their natural hair look. Your friends, celebrities, neighbours, public figures almost everyone owes a wig these days but there are only few ones who knows that how to take care of them and especially how to straight them.
wig straightening by flat iron

How to Straighten Wig

There are two ways to straighten your hair.

  1. Straightening with flat iron (suitable for both wig types)
  2. Hot water method (not much suitable for human hair wig)

Straightening Wig with Flat Iron

Yes, you can flat iron synthetic hair as same as wig made of natural hair and interestingly, its nothing much different than straightening your natural hairs. Before getting started, make sure to have hair straightener with temperature control feature. If you don’t have any yet, then get one by checking our handpicked list of great flat irons. Following are few steps you need to follow for a perfect result.

  • Step 01: After ensuring wig hair are detangled, the first far most important step is to use heat protector spray regardless wig type; natural or synthetic. Use of good thermal protection spray over the entire wig ensures no burn out and increases longevity of your hair by minimizing hair damaged caused by heat with time.
  • Step 02: First make sure your wig is completely dry. Use any blow dryer with temperature set not more than 250 F for good results.
  • Step 03: Pre-heat your iron at a normal temperature that you use for your natural hair.
  • Step 04: Take a thin strand from your wig hair at the bottom and start straighten.
  • Step 05: Repeat this and straight it first from the bottom.
  • Step 06: Now hop to the middle part. Straight all wig hair from middle portion
  • Step 07: Get on the top now and straight the whole top section.
  • Step 08: Leave them untouched for 5 minutes so that they dry completely.
  • Step 09: As soon as they get completely dry, use a wide bristle brush or a perming comb to comb them evenly.
  • Step 10: Spray a little bit of hair setting spray to fix them in the same position. Otherwise, they will turn back to their old look.

As wigs are cheap and comes in lot of varieties from synthetic to natural, long to short, thin to thick, straight to curls and heat friendly fiber wigs for different styling, etc. its better to own a flat iron that offers multiple temperature settings so it can be used on any kind of hair. As an author, I will personally recommend you and use Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium, as it offers 50 different heat settings upto 450 degrees for really thick and curly hairs. Its a perfect choice as per me and also an Amazon’s choice. Just make sure to always start straightening wigs from the lowest of temperature like 300 F or below regardless of hair type, and then increase temperature as needed.

Hot Water Method

  • Step 01: For this method, first take a pan full of water according to the length of your wig and bubble boil it.
  • Step 02: Meanwhile, place your wig on a stand or a mannequin head for easy handling. Make sure that it’s not tangled.
  • Step 03: Pour the steam emitting hot water all over your wig evenly and let it cool down. The steam will soft its texture and mold the shape.
  • Step 04: As soon as it gets completely dry, use a wide bristled brush or a perming comb to comb it down evenly. Make sure that the brush or comb you use is soft.
  • Step 05: If it doesn’t give you your desired result then you may repeat the process as many times as you need. It will improve the result every time, for sure.


Either wigs made of synthetically or by human hairs, need proper low temperature to get straighten. But I personally prefer and recommend hot water method on straighten hair extensions which are made by cheap synthetic means. As its more easy, quick and requires less protocols in comparison to flat iron. As a bonus tip, despite using flat iron you can also use curling iron to give curls to your already straight wig hairs. I hope this detailed article have guided you properly, in case of any query feel free to comment below. Thank you!