12 Best Tips To Fix Split Ends and Damaged Hair Overnight at Home

Getting annoyed of your damaged and unhealthy hair that have millions of split ends then getting panicked and rushing to saloon and throwing money on expensive treatments doesn’t sound smart solution. It’s a common problem these days, and there is no treatment which can immediately bring the damaged hairs back to life again, completely. But there are some measures, hair care tips and home remedies which can give overnight results and can be adopted to take good care of them so that they may not get damaged further and show up nicely.
hair care tips for damaged hair and split ends
In this article we have covered some hair care tips, techniques, products, and DYI fixes to turn your damaged hair into healthy ones and vanish the annoying split-ends.

1. Right Shampoo and Conditioner

  • You hair may get damaged because of wrong shampoo and conditioner. Try using shampoos according to your hair type. Don’t just pick randomly.
  • Look for your hair type and pick a shampoo and conditioner accordingly.
  • In case of extreme dry and rough hair, use nourishing products that says “for dry hair type”.

2. Use Same Brand Products

  • Use shampoo and conditioner of the same brand.
  • Try changing your shampoo and conditioner after every 6 months.
  • Sometimes, hair gets damage because of consecutive use of single shampoo and conditioner. so do change your shampoo and conditioner after every six months because if that’s the reason of damaging your hair then you will make it much worst by using it further.

3. Trimming

  • The best way to get rid of split-ends is to cut one inches of your hair from bottom after every 6-8 weeks.
  • It removes the split-ends and gives body to your hair.
  • Don’t fear of losing these one inches after every 6-8 weeks because if you don’t do so, it will cost you much more then.

4. Take Proper Diet and Vitamins

  • Hair often gets unhealthy and damaged because we forget to feed them. Take a healthy diet first of all. Eat egg yolks, tangerines, great yogurt, spinach, cinnamon, etc.
  • Take food that is rich in vitamins and minerals (or) take vitamin supplements as recommended by nutritionists.
  • It will help building up the damaged cells and tissues of your roots and hopefully your damaged hair will get some life again.

5. Use Herbs If Necessary

  • Use herbs if necessary. If you find your hair dry, rough and unhealthy even after the intake of vitamins then use herbs oils such as rosemary oil and lavender oil.
  • Horsetail herb can be taken for healthy, shiny and strong hair.

6. Avoid Heat Tools

  • Avoid use of heat tools on your damaged hair. Hair actually gets damage because of excess use of hair tools that emits heat.
  • You must avoid hot hair tools like heat curlers and improper use of hair irons over your already damaged hair then you will be left with nothing except for baldness.
  • They produces split ends and burn your hair in long-term use,
  • Excess heat exposure damages the cells in roots of your hair that seizes hair growth and the grown one begins to look dry and dead.
  • Minimize using dryers, as they dry your hair in long-term use of over years and may damage them as well.

7. Avoid Dying and Bleaching Your Hair

  • No matter what hair type you have you must avoid dying or bleaching your hair.
  • The chemicals used in such products breaks both thin and thick hair and dry them.
  • If your hair are already damaged because of any reason and now they are getting grey or white because of age factor still don’t take a risk of bleaching or dying them. you will quickly loose them if you do so.

8. Brush Them At The Right Time

  • If you have damaged hair then they must be way weaker than normal ones. So don’t even dare to comb or brush them right after shower.
  • Let them dry a little and then untangle. Otherwise, they will break.

9. Butter Massage

  • Try massaging your damaged hair with butter before taking shower followed by a shower cap and then normal washing with shampoo and conditioner.
  • It will treat your brittle, rough and dry hair and softens them.

10. Wrap Them

  • Wrap your wet hair immediately in a cotton towel for 15-20 minutes so that it can absorb excess moisture.
  • It will reduce the split-ends growth.

11. Leave Hair Untied

  • Hair can become more damaged because you tie them 24/7.
  • Try giving your hair some relaxation and leaves them open for an hour a day.
  • Don’t always tie them in a ponytail very tightly. Leave them loose.
  • Sleep with open hair.

12. Use Olive and Castor Oil

  • Try massaging your scalp and damaged hair with olive oil or castor oil.
  • These oils are known for healing properties and so they heals 20% of your damaged hair when applied overnight.
  • It leaves your hair soft and shiny and strengthens them.


The ones that are damaged and dead cannot fully come back in their original state overnight but still a good care can bring them back to the extent of at least 50%, immediately. Mens can use these hair care tips for healthy hair, in addition to above mentioned remedies. Try using above tips on your damaged hair, you will surely remember us in good words for saving you from hair loss.