What Happens If We Wash Our Hair Everyday – How Often is Good?

Usually what is observed that many of us prefer to wash hair daily. This is because, apparently we consider washing to be an act to remove dirt and stuff from hair and make them appear new, fresh and healthier. However, as with your hair, THE CASE IS NOT SO!
hair washing
Women washing their heads regularly needs to understand that there is a big difference between washing hair and clothes.

Research says, washing your hair everyday makes them weak, dry and poofy, slows growth, split hair ends, and even can cause allergies, fungus, wounds, dandruff, and few other irritating conditions.

Is it just shampoo or water as well?

Well, the “RED FLAG” is for both. Dermatologists and hair stylists not only suggest one to avoid using shampoo on daily basis, but they also warns to wet your hair every day.

Hence, it is vividly understandable that not only shampoo that contains chemicals in itself weakens and rough-out your hair but water also plays its part in weakening them leading to hair problems.

How often should we wash our hair?

Now, the only question that arises is that how often a person should wash hair regardless of the gender?

Pertaining to that fact that daily washing your hair leads to uncertain conditions of hair loss, allergies, and roughness, dermatologists suggest one to wash hair only 2-3 times a week. In other words, one should only wash his/her hair every alternate day or on every third day.

However, this is just an advice and not a hard-and-fast rule for all. As the hair conditions vary from person to person, it also varies from environment to environment. Hence, for the ones who do outdoor work, experts suggest daily wash as per need but only with water. Shampoo must be used on alternate days only. Additionally, such people are advised take proper nutrients and vitamin rich diet along with frequent scalp massage with natural oils to cut out the adverse effects of daily wetting their hair.

Moreover, apart from climatic conditions, washing is also dependent upon the hair type i.e., thick hair, thin hair, brittle hair, etc. considering the common condition of dry and brittle hair, we, As experts, personally advice people with abundant dry hair to go with every third day washing. The reason behind this is that when a person wash his/her daily, the sebum (naturally occurring oil of human body) fades away with time, leaving hair dry and brittle for lifetime.

Last but not least, apart from washing, one must also ponder over choosing the right shampoos and conditioners for best results.