GHD Classic Styler Review | GHD Classic vs Gold Flat Iron

When it comes to hair styling and straightening, you must have heard of GHD hair straighteners and stylers. GHD that is the world known brand for manufacturing some of the best hair styling tools, among which the hair straighteners are on top, and has taken hair styling to a next level by their innovation.

With its amazing features compacted in small equipment, GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener has all the elements to become the all-in-one solution for straightening, curling, waving, flipping, ALL AT ONCE! With great features it does also have some limitations.

So, in this article we will be reviewing GHD Classic in detail with its all Pro’s and Con’s. Along that, will also be comparing it with GHD Gold, an another popular and similar flat iron by GHD. So, you will come to know the difference between the two that will help you buy the right one for your perfect everyday look!
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[Review] Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron

If you are constantly on the go with little or no time left to spare for ironing your hair, what you need is one device that can do two things at the same time: drying and straightening. Wet-to-dry flat irons can do just that. No need to dry your hair with a blower, all you need is a towel and at least 10 minutes and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for an easy to use wet-to-dry flat iron (in case you’re new to this kind of hair straighteners), start your hunt with Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry.

Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry utilizes Nano Silver Technology in its Tourmaline-Ceramic infused plates and with one quick and easy step; you could be donning pin straight tresses before you start your day. There’s more to Corioliss than that, here’s what we’ve dug up so far:
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[Review] FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

When it comes to highly innovated flat iron models which boast a variety of features and capabilities, FHI Heat never runs out of ideas and is perfect for all different types of hair textures and styles. Now, with the release of the FHI Platform Flat Iron, the company has once again raised the bar a notch higher when it comes to performance and versitility.
fhi heat platform flat iron
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[Review] Beautiful Corioliss Pro Fix 1″ Hair Straightener in Pink Color

If you’re looking for something basic and without frills the Corioliss 1 inch Pro Fix is a good option. Unlike other hair straightening tools that utilize Tourmaline and Nano Silver Technology, the Corioliss Pro Fix is equipped with Tourmaline ceramic plates and simply does just what it says on the box, namely “straighten and curl”— See? Nothing too fancy, but don’t underestimate the Corioliss Pro Fix Flat Iron. This little beautiful guy in pink has got tricks up his sleeve too…
corioliss 1 inch pro fix flat iron in pink
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[Review] CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC Flat Iron for Hairstyling

Are you also looking to buy a hairstyling iron? CHI in Flat Irons is an all-time favourite brand among individuals and professionals. Here we have reviewed one of the best choice and hairstyling iron from CHI which is CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON.

Markets are full of different hairstyling irons and it’s absolutely back-breaking to dig for the right one, but CHI has always occupied the top place on the list due to its unique features. That is why CHI is something we see at saloons as well.

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Remington S9500 Pearl Ceramic Hair Straightener [Review]

It is one of the most sold hair straighteners in recent months. It has advanced ceramic coating and comes with real pearl. As all other Remington products, S9500 Pearl model is innovative, offers the best personal hair straightening, and gives you confidence to feel good every time you leave home without being worried of kept checking your hairs in lighted mirror again and again.
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Remington S1510 – Ceramic Slim 220 Straightener

If you have ever dreamed of having perfect hair as if you had left the hairdresser, the Remington S1510 Ceramic Slim 220 is your perfect hair iron. In fact, it will become your favorite hair straightener, no doubt. In addition to having a quality price with an unbeatable relationship, it is a mid-range hair straightener with more than decent features. Having a good hair to go out and feel better with yourself is essential if we want to increase our self-esteem, and why not a whim that makes us look prettier.

Remington S1510 ceramic slim review
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