Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth vs Ion Smooth Flat Iron [REVIEWED]

When it comes to choosing the right hair styling iron and investing a big heck of money for beloved hairs, women are often seen conscious and over-sensitive. However, they are not so unpurposely!
paul mitchell express ion smooth vs neuro smooth flat iron
Talking about best styling irons of the time, we consider Paul Mitchell to be one those brands whose every single model is not less than the other. The brand offers a wide range of styling and straightening irons with amazing features to be on the list of every buyer.

In this post, we have reviewed two of its known models i.e., Paul Mitchell Neuro smooth vs. Ion smooth flat iron. By the end you will come to know the best one for your hair type.

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review:

Paul Mitchell’s neuro smooth flat iron is a standard styling iron that is best for both purposes: straightening your hair to flawless perfection and styling them into curls and waves. Concerning to the core features, the iron is equipped with Isotherm titanium plates measuring 1.25 inches in length with sufficient wideness. Moreover, the iron comes with an embedded Smart Sense microchip that is to maintain the temperature as long as one uses it.
paul mitchell neuro smooth hair iron
The shape is slightly contoured from the edges of the titanium plates that gives an extra room to the user to roll hair fossils in perfect curls.

Prime Features:

  • Smart Sense Microchip for temperature control
  • 1.25″ premium Isotherm Titanium plates
  • Digital led with temperature control buttons
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • Max heating ability up to 450 degrees

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron Review:

paul mitchell express ion smooth
Rival to the Neuro smooth model, the Paul Mitchell’s ion smooth is also a styling iron with an ability to get both the jobs of straightening and curling done at total ease. Similar to the neuro model, this one also comes with 1.25 inches plates. However, the quality of the plates is a bit different in this one. The ion smooth flat iron comes with silicon and ceramic based plates. The incredible ionic technology infused plates makes this iron a best choice for the people with frizzy hair.

The ionic technology straights your hair while discharging negative ions along with the evaporation of water molecules. As a result, your hair turns out to be frizz free and pin-straight. Along with the ability to discharge negative ions, the ceramic plates also works at distributing the heat evenly to every single corner to give each strand due time and smoothness. Moreover, the heating capability runs upto 400 fahrenheit in less than five minutes. Furthermore, the styler weighs around 1.2 lbs only and comes with a comfprtable grip for easy styling. Last but not least, it also comes with an adjustable heat setting feature.

Prime Features:

  • Variable temperature settings
  • Bevelled edges
  • Size: 1-1/4 Inch
  • Express Ion Complex infused plates ensures fast straightening and prevents hair damage.
  • Solid ceramic heaters provide even distribution over 1.25-inch cushion plates.

Conclusion: Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth VS Ion Smooth

Reviewing the overall features of both the irons and considering their ratings from prospective users, I have concluded that both of them works efficiently at their own pace. However, it’s just the minor difference of result that makes the neuro smooth model to stand out of the list.

Reviewing the customer tale of both the irons, we found Paul Mitchel neuro smooth to hit 5 star rating by approximately 75% of the users. However, apart from full star satisfaction, its average rating was found to roam around 4.1 on the scale of 5.

Rival to the neuro model, the Paul Mitchell’s express ion smooth flat iron was found to have 5 star rating from only 70% of the users. In addition to that, the average rating was found to roam around 4 only.

Reviewing the perspective ratings from users, we came across several comments and subjective reviews from people sharing their personal experiences aswell. However, we were amazed to read that the majority reported neuro smooth to work smoothly on all types of hair, ranging from thick to thin. Many personal experiences witnessed the iron to end with frizz-free silky straight hair in no time.

On the other hand, reviewing comments from ion smooth users, we came across many users to share unsatisfactory results pertaining to the frizziness. The majority reported the iron to give smooth results with thin hair only.

I, being, an independent author, and analyzer of both the models, personally suggest users to go with the neuro smooth. My choice is backed-up with its ability to work flawlessly on all hair types. Hence, I conclude Isotherm Smart Sense technology to lead over the ceramic silicon cushioned plates.


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