[Review] InStyler Hair Straightener

How much money do you spend a year going to hair salon to straighten or style your hair? In addition of spending money and time, by having hairs stretched and pressed for years they remains at a risk of dry and worn and will require extra care. But to be honest, what if I tell you there is unique hair styler called InStyler that offers straightening, curling, volumizing, and various hair styles at the comfort of your home, saves you lot of money, and is more efficient as well.
instyler hair straightener
InStyler is not a hair brush, neither a usual kind of hair straightener. InStyler Hair Straightener is not like hair straighteners you see everywhere in the market, it is not a blow dryer or a brush, it is not a curling iron. InStyler is equipped with a rotary head roller system, which works with Ionic Bristles like brushes controlled by different heat settings.

Its using technique is similar to the others; means you do have to turn on and pre heat it. Then put your hairs in between tongs and then slowly pull it down. The similarity of two products ends here. Polishing and rotating hot rollers and blisters handles the biggest part of the work. You will also realize that hairs do not always need higher temperature to get desired results. For easy to understand its working process includes;

  • In the first step, the first set of InStyler bristles gently opens and separates your mixed hair.
  • Then, the rotary-head roller system slides over your hair and opens, straightens and shapes each hair strand without hurting you.
  • Finally, the second set of brushes performs the last lasting touch on your hair.

A unique rotary head roller system of InStyler minimizes risk of getting hair damaged in any way. As it give your hairs enough heat to get shape and doesn’t burn them because of being in continuous motion, unlike ordinary hair straighteners which make hairs straight by pressing them which increase risk of hairs damaged and/or burned.

InStyler hair straightener offers three different temperature settings; Low (140°C), Intermediate (157 °C), and High (190 °C) for fine, medium, and thick & coarse hairs, respectively.

After using InStyler, turn it off, unplugged and then let it cool. Wipe the roller and blisters with a soft and damp cloth, and put it into its place after drying to make it ready before next use.


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