[Review] HSI Professional Glider | A Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

The HSI 1″ Professional hair straightener has an ability to straighten and curl hair. It has adjustable temperature operation from 240 F to 410 F which can controlled and thus makes this flat iron suitable for all hair types. The ceramic iron plates are meant to give a straight hair in little time.

The plate width is 1 inch. This width is meant to suit most hair widths and types. It is also narrow enough for bangs.
hsi professional flat iron review


The HSI flat iron is perfect for all kinds of hair and it takes half of the time what other iron will take to give you the same glossy and sleek hair. The best part is that it not only can straightened your hair but also can curl and flip for different styles and looks. It has a firm grip and very to use. Some of the key features are:-

  • It can straighten, curl or flip your hair.
  • Customizable heat settings, which can be adjusted from 240 to 410 F by using temperature knob.
  • Ceramic ion plates that easy heats up giving you a glossy, shiner and silky hair in no time.
  • The plates are 1 inch width, and are wide enough for any length of hair.


The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Styler knob can be easily adjustable from 240 degrees to 410 degrees that is enough for all types and kinds of hair. The lights in the iron are easy to understand where red light means its heating up and when it turns to green its ready for use. The heat is uniform, and you don’t have to worry for cold spots.

Styling Options:

This iron offers you multiple styling options for your day to day life. They can not only straighten your hair but can give bouncy curls giving volume to it. And every time you use HSI professional glider, you can get a feeling like that you have just walked out of a saloon.

They also provide a small bottle of Argan oil for shine and glossy look. This oil has nice smells to it and doesn’t give a sticky feel to your hair.


The Ceramic tourmaline plates are used carefully to give you a smooth and glossy hair. The plates are uniform smooth and parallel to each other giving a even heating option. The plates make it easy to curl and flip ones hair and doesn’t pull your hair in any point of time.

Since the use of ceramic tourmaline plates it heats up very quickly but the outer remains cool. For more protection HSI also provides gloves for easy use even if the outer gets hotter ( trust me they don’t, I have never used them).


  • The HSI professional flat iron has many merits but for me that stands out is the service it provides for the price that I was charged. There are many flat irons that is literally double the price and does half of the job.
  • The other merit of using this is the easy handling. The wire in the iron never tangles providing you with easy manoeuvrability.
  • In relative to other flat irons which are offering similar feature, HSI Professional is not only affordable but additional things in a package like; Argan oil, heat pouch, and gloves makes it very attractive deal.
  • Usually flat irons are quite heavy, HSI is manageable and doesn’t tire your hand when you are using it.
  • One of the pros of this iron is, it is made for all kinds of hair, giving a smoother, glossier and silky hair irrespective of any type.
  • This iron can not only make your hair straight but can curl in the same easy way.
  • The temperature knob allows the users for multiple settings that can straighten your hair without damaging it. The temperature allows you to heat it from 240 degrees to 410 degrees, hence more option for different types of hair.


No product is flawless; it can’t be without any cons. Even the HSI is plagued with some but they are not like other iron that promises a lot and delivers nothing. The one thing that I believe should have been there is the automatic turn-off when the job is done. Its missing in HSI flat iron that is found in many, almost all the irons in the market. This might be problematic if one forgets to switch them off. Is it good enough reason not to buy? Well !! I don’t think so. You need to be careful with any electronic gadget and a flat iron is not exceptional.

There are no other flaws in this iron, it’s been one month for me using this, maybe I will find them as time progresses but truly this is as good as it gets for a perfect flat iron for your hair. At first I was a bit hesitant with this product but now I have no doubt this my choice like many people out there.

Customer Reviews:

All the reviews that we read about the HSI 1″ professional hair straightener are positive. The users really liked its construct and its function. They reported how this iron heats up fast and how in little time it can straighten hair. One reviewer specifically mentioned that her hair was straightened in less than half the time it takes with other irons.

The temperature setting also pleased the reviewers. They liked the control that the iron gave them. The one inch width suits most people. The heat distribution on the ceramic plates was even, a fact that was not missed by the reviewers. This also contributed towards reducing the time it takes to straighten hair.


The hair straightening iron is made of high quality material which ensures that it does not get affected. Using it regularly will also not cause it wear. Despite sustaining high temperatures in a short amount of time, this iron is a strong performer. Even if the hair has a high amount of moisture, this iron will not get affected by it. This is unlike other irons out there, particularly those that cost as low as this one.


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