[Review] HAI Classic Twig Cermaic Hair Straightener

It is funny hearing a flat iron get the nickname of “Twig” but in the case of HAI’s thinnest ceramic iron, the HAI Twig was named as such because of its ceramic plates that measure a sleek 3/8”. It’s pretty obvious that the HAI can’t do a few things that a 1” flat iron can, but you’d be surprised at how powerful this little guy really is.
hai classic twig flat iron
The Twig is HAI’s answer to styling finer clumps of hair. Even professional stylists find it difficult to manipulate a flat iron with 1″ plates because some hair styles call for devices that can make smaller and narrower curls. With Twig’s 3/8″ plates (that’s barely an inch in width!), you can now curl or straighten hair in hard to reach places and even do several other hair styles that call for sleeker plates.

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The HAI Twig’s basic function is to style and straighten thin, short hair, bangs and tiny strands of hair tucked behind your ears. It is a hair stylist’s best companion since it is capable of making sleek curls, flips, and waves that a 1” styling iron can’t do properly. The HAI Twig was made to style and perhaps straighten short bobs or pixie cut hair.

It also comes with a switch button so you can turn the device on or off whenever you wish or if the device gets too hot. You can also set the temperature to as low as 200°F and as high as 300°F. It also comes with a swivel cord that can make a full 360° turn without tangling, so you can style as long as you want without having to worry about getting your cords tangled up.


Well, the HAI Twig was made to style than to straighten hair so if you have thick hair with frizzy curls, don’t expect the HAI Twig to give you pin straight hair because it wasn’t made for that! The HAI Twig’s limited capabilities can be a drawback at times so you will need a straightener with good features if you want well-ironed hair.


Are you a hair stylist? If so, you need to add the HAI Twig to your arsenal of styling tools. This single device can do so much: curls, flips, waves, spikes, twists—name it and the Twig can do it! Keep in mind that unless you have thin, short hair, the HAI Twig isn’t much of a straightener. You might need a hair styler with 1” plates (the least) if you want to straighten hair as well.

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