[Review] GHD Gold Professional Flat Iron with 1 & 2 Inch Ceramic Plates

Looking for something heavy duty? If you find flat irons with 1” plates too small for your hair, you should definitely move an inch higher and settle for 2” plates—and, GHD Gold Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener offers all the qualities and features you are looking in both 1 inch and 2 inch wide plate flat iron.
ghd gold professional flat iron

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From its size alone, you can tell that the GHD Gold Professional 2″ was made for people with thick, long, and insanely frizzy hair. Its 2 inch ceramic plates can handle tough and heavily textured strands, most especially chemically treated hair. If taming your thick and frizzy mane has always been your problem, go for this wide-plated model. For fine hears, 1 inch Ghd gold is recommended, as it becomes easy to handle and style your hair.

GHD gold professional hair straightener plates have been infused with infrared heat technology which protects hair from too much exposure to heat and also seals in moisture. Equipped with Floating Plates technology, your hair is sure to come out smooth, strong and not prone to breakage. Aside from a tight grip handle and a thick plastic shell, the device also utilizes a thermal fuse safety feature which keeps the flat iron from overheating so you neither burn your hand nor your hair. Finally, the device comes with a microprocessor which allows faster heat conduction.


If you want a flat iron that can style, you might have to try irons with smaller plates, say GHD gold with 1 inch plates or any other straightener with 1/2 inch plates. The GHD Professional’s 2” plates are good for straightening tough strands especially those with deep waves. It’s a tough straightener, but not good for styling. Although its bases are slightly rounded, you might need to get used to its curved barrel if you want to curl your hair with GHD gold’s 2 inch plates.


The GHD Gold Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener with 2” plates is perfect for extremely curly hair. If your hair is poofy (or close to being an afro), extremely thick and texturized, the GHD Professional Ceramic Hair 2” can straighten those crazy strands out in no time. And for fine hears, opt for its same version but in 1 inch plates. This device was made exactly for women with unmanageable curls so if you fit the bill, you should definitely get yourself this awesome hair styler.

BUY: GHD Gold 1″: https://www.amazon.com/GHD-Gold-Styler-Inch-Straightener/dp/B004I27M4S
BUY: GHD Gold 2″: https://www.amazon.com/GHD-Gold-Professional-Inch-Straightener/dp/B005FPDCOG


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