[Review] GHD Classic Styler 1 Inch | GHD Classic vs Gold Flat Iron

When it comes to hair talk, a hairstylists’ arsenal is never complete without that one special device that can style and straighten hair at the same time. GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener happens to be that one special device. Like some of other best hair iron, It can also curl, flip, wave, and straighten hair easily like a pro. With great features it also has some limitations which we have discussed in detail in this article. Read it all to decide Should you be adding this hair styling weapon to your stash soon?
ghd classic flat iron


GHD Classic Styler, from the name itself, you can deduce that this simple yet versatile device was made to style and straighten. Armed with a rounded barrel and advanced ceramic heaters, you can curl, flip, tease, wave, and straighten any hair type and texture easily without damaging your hair’s external surface. The infra-red heat technology infused within the plates also releases more negative ions than other products so your hair’s natural oils and luster are retained despite repeated exposure to maximum heat.
ghd classic styler
Always on the road? You can use the GHD Classic Styler during travels; its universal voltage plug can be used in a variety of sockets and also automatically adjusts its own voltage for optimum versatility. The device itself is equipped with a variety of “modes” to fit your lifestyle. When the device is not in use for 30 minute, it reverts to sleep mode so you can save up on energy and heat temperature. Its shiver mode, on the other hand, is an advanced option that fights condensation in a room with temperatures below 5°C.

The GHD Classic Styler uses ceramic materials for its plates. With Ceramic plates for heaters, you’re sure to get shinier and smoother hair thanks to the device’s smooth and static free feature. The device is equipped with its own microprocessor to regulate faster heat conduction while its thermal fuse safety feature keeps the flat iron from overheating rapidly. To protect your hands from its hot grip, the GHD Styler is equipped with an outer case that regulates body heat.


GHD classic flat iron comes in 1 inch wide plates, which is considered to be best size for optimum results for hairs having thickness of fine to medium. As ironing thick and curly hairs is little time consuming so it would be awesome, if it was also available in 1.25 inch or in plates of more width.

GHD Classic Vs GHD Gold Flat Iron?

GHD Classic and GHD Gold, both are ceramic flat irons. GHD classic has fixed contoured ceramic plates while, GHD gold is equipped with smooth contoured floating ceramic plates with dual zone sensor for temperature control and balance in each plate automatically.

Use of negative ion technology along ceramic plates doesn’t only straighten hairs smoothly but also makes dry and damaged hairs straight in healthy way by counteracting with positive ions and keeping the moisture within hair strand.

GHD Classic and Gold pro, both devices offers heating temperature of 185 Celsius, sleep mode, round barrels for easy to make curls, and universal voltage to use anywhere in the world when travelling.

GHD Classic price is more budget friendly in comparison to GHD Gold professional price. Personally speaking, If I do have to choose in between GHD Classic and gold, I’d opt for GHD classic styler, it is also an Amazon’s choice. But if I do use flat irons more frequently, then GHD gold professional would be my choice because its both plates are equipped with sensors using dual zone technology that offers better heat control and a better round barrel that allows versatile and snag-free styling easily. And this might be a reason that GHD gold is little more in price in comparison to classic styler.


Used by celebrities and professional hairstylists, the GHD has the street cred other flat irons rarely get. This is one versatile device with a trusted and proven styling prowess—it’s all in the name! The GHD Styler is also a great investment for people who are in the hair styling industry. It may be a little expensive but hey, you’re bound to get more than what you’ve paid for.


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