GHD Classic Styler Review | GHD Classic vs Gold Flat Iron

When it comes to hair styling and straightening, you must have heard of GHD hair straighteners and stylers. GHD that is the world known brand for manufacturing some of the best hair styling tools, among which the hair straighteners are on top, and has taken hair styling to a next level by their innovation.

With its amazing features compacted in small equipment, GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener has all the elements to become the all-in-one solution for straightening, curling, waving, flipping, ALL AT ONCE! With great features it does also have some limitations.

So, in this article we will be reviewing GHD Classic in detail with its all Pro’s and Con’s. Along that, will also be comparing it with GHD Gold, an another popular and similar flat iron by GHD. So, you will come to know the difference between the two that will help you buy the right one for your perfect everyday look!

ghd classic flat iron


As the name implies, The GHD CLASSIC STYLER is a ceramic hair iron and, truly a classical addition by the brand with premium features and incredible versatility. This is not just a flat iron, instead it is actually a styler that is manufactured to fulfill different styling jobs of curling, waving, flipping, and just what not!
ghd classic styler
Concerning to the plates, the iron holds 1 inches long infrared infused ceramic plates that are backed up with ceramic heaters to make the hair texture smooth and sleek. The infrared technology is embedded to let the iron release negative ions that works back-to-back at retaining the hair’s natural oil so that the softness and sleekness doesn’t turns into frizziness.

Moreover, this classic hairstyler is backed-up with a universal plug and customized voltage handling options that makes it a perfect choice for frequent travelers. Furthermore, apart from its dual voltage feature, it also comes with an auto-shut-off feature that is a plus point for the ones who are always in hurry. The auto-shut-off feature automatically puts the iron on a sleep mode if it is not in use for more than 30 minutes while being plugged in. However, apart from the common auto—shutoff feature, this classical model has a premium shiver mode as well that enables it to fight moisture and condensation in colder areas.

Last but not least, this GHD classic hairstyler is manufactured with embedded microprocessors and therma fusers that helps it in quick and easy heat conduction and at the same time, prevents overheating, respectively. Additionally, the outer case of the iron is made up of a heat regulating material that allows the user to hold it for as long as required without burning or even feeling the mild heat.


The only demotivating feature of GHD classic is its 1 inch plate. Typically, 1 inch long plates are not considered to be best for all hair types and so is the case with this model of GHD. Hence, it fails out to be a good option for thick curly hairs as the hair styling process will be prolonged.

GHD Classic Vs GHD Gold Flat Iron?

Comparing the two, the GHD classic and GHD gold, I have arrived on the conclusion that GHD classic is a better option as compared to the other one. However, for the ones who have extremely thick and frizzy hair are advised to go with GHD gold since the classic model lacks at only one aspect i.e., managing thick frizzy hair.

Digging into the reason behind my choice of prioritizing GHD classic above GHD gold, I came across following points:

  • The GHD classic has contoured ceramic plates whereas, the gold model has smooth contoured floating ceramic plates with dual zone sensors for appropriate temperature balancing.
  • The GHD classic hair styler is infused with negative ion technology that does not only straights hair strands effortlessly but also locks the shine and give hair a sleeker and shinier look.
  • Pertaining to other features, both the irons are backed-up with dual voltage, sleep mode, and a heating capacity of 185 Celsius. Moreover, both of them are manufactured with curved barrels that allow users to style hair in any way they desire.
  • Last but not least, the gold model is a bit pricier than the classical one.

Seemingly, with all the features and reviews in consideration, the GHD classic proves to be a better choice for occasional users and the GHD gold turns out to be a best option for frequent users due to its better temperature control.


GHD is an all-time perfect choice for all types of users ranging from newbies to expert hairstylists. It is one of those brands that is proven to be best as according to celebrities’ and pro’s reviews.