[Review] GA.MA CP3 Flat Iron with Tourmaline Plates

From Italy with love.

Like the new kid in school, the GA.MA Digital Laser Tourmaline Flat Iron may not be as well received as other foreign-produced flat irons. The product is rather small but it is intended for professional and at the same time, home use. It is equipped with tourmaline plates and ceramic-ion coating but quite a confusing temperature dial. What makes it confusing? Read on…
gama c3 flat iron to straight hairs

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This petite, digital wonder is equipped with Ceramic-Nano Tourmaline infused plates which keeps hair from snagging and losing moisture even when under high temperatures. Its Natural Ion and Infrared Heat features maintain temperature within the plates and also distributes the heat equally.

Instead of a manual temperature dial, the GA.MA Digital Laser comes with digital settings and a small LCD display. You may set the temperature to as high as 430° F or 220° C, which the device can attain in only 10 seconds start-up time; the device is also recovers temperature as quickly.

The device is pretty small compared to other flat irons but its diminutive size and ergonomic case is good for styling. Easy to grip and manipulate, you should be able to run any length of hair through the plates, be it long, short, thick, thin, wavy or insanely frizzy. Furthermore, its thermal-plus infused case is intended to keep your hands from feeling the heat of the plates when in use.

Finally, a major plus with the GA.MA Digital laser is its dual voltage; that means you won’t need an adapter to make the flat iron fit into various types of sockets.


Being an all-Italian product that has recently arrived in the US, there are a few bolts and pieces which you have to get used to, primarily its temperature settings and plate distance. Although it reaches a maximum temperature of 430°F, its digital controls uses the Celsius system, which is the primary mode of identifying temperature in Europe. That means you need to know how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa if you want to start with the right temperature. On the other hand, if you’re familiar with the Celsius system, this feature won’t be a problem to you.

Another very visible drawback with the GA.MA Digital Laser flat irons is its plate distance in most flat irons the heating plates should be able to ‘meet’ each other when closed; but when you attempt to do that with a GA.MA Digital Laser, there is a little space between both plates. It is uncertain if this is a product feature or a factory defect but it doesn’t take an expert to say that plates that don’t meet won’t be able to straighten hair properly!


How do you say “no” in Italian? Despite the GA.MA Digital Laser’s futuristic features, it doesn’t make the cut in our book. Although we could easily learn the Celsius system, the non-meeting plates are a huge disadvantage on its own. Plates that don’t mesh obviously won’t straighten. Basically, there’s no use getting a hair iron that doesn’t perform well.

BUY: https://www.amazon.com/Ga-ma-CP3-Tourmaline-hair-iron/dp/B0038YVIEM


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