[Review] FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

When it comes to highly innovated flat iron models which boast a variety of features and capabilities, FHI Heat never runs out of ideas and is perfect for all different types of hair textures and styles. Now, with the release of the FHI Platform Flat Iron, the company has once again raised the bar a notch higher when it comes to performance and versitility.
fhi heat platform flat iron

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FHI is known for coming up with the latest hair care techniques and technologies that are intended to improve the texture and feel of the hair strands even after long term and rigorous usage.Their solution to dry, exhausted looking hair which has been straightened that little bit too much, is a flat iron innovation that leaves the hair smooth, straight and silky-looking after frequent ironing. Equipped with Nano Fuzeion Technology, the new FHI Platform Flat Iron can straighten hair while retaining its natural oils, resulting to healthy and natural-looking straight hair. Like other models under the FHI Platform series, the FHI Platform Flat Iron utilizes ceramic ion plates with an adjustable temperature range of 140° F to 450° F. As a styling tool, the FHI Platform Flat Iron is capable of straightening, dry styling, and curling hair tips to make sultry waves on hair.


In a nutshell, the FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron utilizes Tourmaline plates which are much safer for your hair than regular ceramic plates. Tourmaline treated plates tend to heat up faster than ordinary irons and are capable of maintaining this heat across its surface, allowing the user to not only straighten their hair but also style and mould it into a whole variety of twists, curls and waves. The FHI Platform Flat Iron is also a wet to dry product, giving it that flexibility you need when you’ve just jumped out the shower and need to straighten your hair quickly. Weighing at 1.17 lbs, the FHI Platform is slightly heavier than other irons but with this comes sturdiness and more durability compared to those products that weigh less than 1 lbs. The FHI Platform also comes with self-adjusting plates which helps you maneuver the plates to suit your needs as you iron or style your hair.

Lastly, as a handheld tool, the FHI Platform comes with a 9-ft. swivel cord which allows extensive movement and gives you the freedom to access the more challenging areas of your head simply and easily.


As a powerful hair straightening tool that comes equipped with Nano Fuzeion and Nano Silver Tourmaline-Ceramic Ion, the FHI Platform Flat Iron is one device that will never break your heart. From its form, features and down to its price, the FHI Platform Flat Iron was built with one purpose in mind: to style and straighten! There reall is nothing to dislike about the FHI Platform Flat Iron and the only thing which really needs mentioning is to treat it well. Remember, the trick to a long-lasting flat iron is careful usage!


The FHI Platform Flat Iron comes with innovated features which you won’t find in ordinary flat irons. Built with Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Silver Technology, both features are responsible for retaining the hair’s natural and shiny look. In as little as 3 minutes, the plates heat up and the Tourmaline spreads heat evenly across the plate to ensure that when you straighten your hair, you’ll have most strands straightened out in one, single move. If you’re looking for innovation combined with both versatility and durability, the FHI Platform is unlikely to let you down.

The most interesting thing is that, FHI heat platform is available in different plate sizes including; 0.5, 1, 1.25, and 1.75 inches wide. And in my personal opinion, 1 inch works best; as it can also be use to give curls or styles to your hairs along straightening, easily.
BUY: https://www.amazon.com/FHI-Platform-Tourmaline-Ceramic-Professional/dp/B009C5H2RS


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