[Review] Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron With 1.5 Plates

Croc 1 Black Nano Titanium is a wide-plated flat iron that was made to be a heavy duty tool against frizz. Sure, you might have stumbled across similar products but what makes Croc 1 Black Nano is equipped with the right settings for Keratin treated hair.
croc classic nano titanium flat iron

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The Croc 1 flat iron is built with 1 ½-inch plates which are made of 100% pure, dark titanium material. Its smooth plates help in reducing frizz and conditions hair that goes through it. Both plates also work together to maintain the color and natural oil trapped within hair. With its built-in Turbo Ion Generator, more negative ions are produced compared to regular flat irons. Negative ions, for those unfamiliar, are powerful properties that reduce static energy and effectively straighten frizzy hair. Through the ventilating holes situated strategically around the device, infrared and negative ions are released so your hair is exposed to minimal damaging materials.

Croc 1 boasts a digital temperature dial so you can set the heat temperature to as low as 280°F, which is ideal for short or fine hair, to as high as 450°F for thick, coarse hair or hair that have undergone keratin treatment.

Croc is known for releasing flat irons with amazing designs and Croc 1 Black Nano is dressed to impress like its slimmer counterparts. Its housing is coated with Nano-silver to minimize the release of heat on the handles so you are not exposed to the heat produced by the plates. The Croc 1 Black Nano also boasts a clean-cut ergonomic design to protect users from developing RSI or repetitive strain injuries. Its handles are covered with slip-resistant material for easily manipulation and the device is connected to a tangle-free swivel cord.


With plates that measure an inch and a half, you will find it challenging to make sleek curls and curves with this flat iron. Along straightening, for curls and curves it is advised to use any other awesome flat iron but with sleeker plates. Try plates that measure an inch and below, they are sure to do the trick.


Overall, the Croc 1 Black Nano Titanium with 1 ½-inch plates makes a good flat iron for long, thick, or coarse hair. If you have undergone Keratin Treatment, the Croc 1 Black Nano can be set to the highest, ideal temperature and you may use it on your hair without damaging it. Take note, however, that the Croc 1 Black Nano might be too wide for styling hair. In conclusion, if you want something that works tough against frizz without an urgent need for styling, try the Croc 1 Black Nano Titanium.

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