[Review] Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron in Black With 1″ Titanium Plates

Croc 2 Infrared hair straightener looks like something James Cameron would visualize. With a unique design that’s appears to be out of this world, you’d be surprised to know that this odd-looking flat iron is not just a “visualization”, it’s a real device that can straighten hair and even do tons of other cool stuff—exactly the way James Cameron would have wanted it to be if he starts designing flat irons.

Three words to sum up Croc 2 Infrared flat iron’s design: futuristic, smart, and fresh. Aside from being just a straightener, it is a hair reconstruction and reconditioning device which comes jam-packed with features that combine infrared technology and ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium materials. When it comes to using infrared technology, hands down, Croc 2 appears to be a authority.
croc 2 infrared flat iron

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The plates on a flat iron are considered the most important parts of the device. While most flat irons utilize ceramic ion, or a mixture of ceramic and tourmaline, Croc 2 infrared hair straightener comes with tourmaline, ceramic ion, and titanium infused plates. In short, you get the best of three powerful materials.

With dual plate technology, heat is maintained within both plates, that way you don’t burn the external surface of hair that directly touches the plates.

Croc 2 utilizes infrared technology which means its plates heat up faster than other flat irons and has high heat recovery capabilities. With the help of its built-in infra-red red heat generator, it emits non-toxic and non-allergic properties which improve hair texture and quality. Your hair’s natural moisture and oils should be retained within your hair shaft as you slide it along the plates.

With a sleek set of 1” plates, Croc 2 is perfect for both styling and straightening hair. You can use it for making bouncy curls, sleek flips, and sexy waves as well as pin straight hair. Equipped with the very first eco-friendly “Green Digital Display”, you can set the temperature from a minimum of 280°-450°F through the electronic buttons located on the side. Croc 2’s highest temperature level is 450°F which might not be good for natural hair but is effective for hair that has undergone Keratin Treatment. You may also change the default Fahrenheit setting to Celsius if you find it more convenient.


As always, it is important to know your hair! Croc 2 is effective the way it is, but if you misuse it, for example, if you set the temperatures to 450°F when your hair can only take 280°F of heat, you *could* burn your hair. Perhaps the only drawback on this device is its handle—when it gets too hot, like 400°F kind of hot, you will feel the warmth on the handles. If this happens and if it becomes uncomfortable to handle, turn the device off and continue working on your hair until it loses heat.


When you combine tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium along with infrared heat technology into one device, you get one powerful flat iron that works amazingly on natural and chemically treated hair. For women who have turned to salon treatments for their hair but want to try ironing their hair for a change, hope is not lost, Croc 2 can work wonders on your hair, just read reviews of Croc 2 users over Amazon. If you’re going to shop for a new flat iron soon, Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron 1” you should definitely consider this device. For thicker, longer and coarse hair, try Croc nano titanium flat iron with 1.5” plates.

BUY: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0044E2WFO


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