[Review] Croc 1 Wet to Dry Flat Iron With Titanium Plates

Croc Wet to Dry is a combination of a digital flat iron and a wet-to-dry wonder with titanium plates. Consider that the best of three worlds all in one device. As a wet-to-dry flat iron, here’s what we think of Croc 1 classic’s performance.
croc wet to dry flat iron

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With plates that measure 1 and 1 ½ inches , Croc 1 Wet to Dry is perfect for thick hair of medium and long lengths. If you want to finish straightening your hair sooner, go with wider plates. Keep in mind that wider plates can cover more hair. If you slide your finger across the plates, you will feel that it is smoother than other plates. This is because Croc 1 utilizes titanium plates which are great heat conductors.

As a wet to dry flat iron, Croc 1 Wet-to-Dry dries damp hair and straightens it, at the same time. This feature helps you save up on electricity from blow drying your hair beforehand. You can set the temperature of the device to as high as 450°F which is ideal for hair that has undergone Keratin treatment and similar procedures. An LCD digital display serves as the temperature dial of this device. With far infra-red system, unwanted moisture or extra water from hair is released through the ventilating holes. Its Nano-silver coated housing protects your hand from feeling the heat that comes from the plates. It also boasts an ergonomic design that gives your hand the ability to maneuver and manipulate the tool easily. Finally, a tangle-free swivel cord is attached to the end of the device so no matter how many times you turn the flat iron, the wires do not intertwine. A slip-resistant thumb hold is set in place on the handles so your finger stays put as you straighten your hair.


If you are looking for something that can style hair, the Croc 1 Wet to Dry 1 ½ inch-plates might be too wide and difficult to manipulate, that means, this device is right for straightening hair only. So, it is better to go with narrower sized plates like Croc Wet-to-Dry with 1-inch plates.


Croc Wet-to-Dry stands out as a wet to dry flat iron because it has digital functions but some may find its 1.5 inch wide plates difficult to control and worse, the entire device could become difficult to use. Croc wet to dry with 1.5 inch plates provide you little room to style your hair and perhaps, all you could ever do with it is to go for the pin straight look. It would be much better if you pick the Croc’s wet to dry with 1” plates; however, if you’re interested in simply straightening your hair, Croc wet to dry is a must-have!

Buy 1.5 Inch: https://www.amazon.com/Turboion-Classic-Straightener-Titanium-Plates/dp/B003RR4A2M
Buy 1 Inch: https://www.amazon.com/CROC-Titanium-Classic-inch-Flat/dp/B00DW6OQ7M


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