[Review] Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron

If you are constantly on the go with little or no time left to spare for ironing your hair, what you need is one device that can do two things at the same time: drying and straightening. Wet-to-dry flat irons can do just that. No need to dry your hair with a blower, all you need is a towel and at least 10 minutes and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for an easy to use wet-to-dry flat iron (in case you’re new to this kind of hair straighteners), start your hunt with Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry.

Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry utilizes Nano Silver Technology in its Tourmaline-Ceramic infused plates and with one quick and easy step; you could be donning pin straight tresses before you start your day. There’s more to Corioliss than that, here’s what we’ve dug up so far:
corioliss wet to dry flat iron

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Its case boasts a very ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver design. With a 7-foot cord and a tight-grip body, you will find it easy to style and straighten your hair each time. It also comes with 1.75” plates which are perfect for thick, frizzy hair— the wider the plates, the more strands you cover and the sooner you finish ironing your hair. Beside each plate are vent holes that releases steam which it accumulates from drying damp wet hair.

An on/off switch is situated conveniently around the handle of the flat iron so you can turn it off in between uses, especially when the plates get too hot. A light indicator is situated nearby so you can tell if the device is on or otherwise.

Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron also features a Ceramic Far Infrared heating system which maintains heat within the plates while its solid ceramic ion feature ensures you get silky-soft and natural-looking tresses afterwards.


There are a few important things to take note of before purchasing your own Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry; let’s start with the controls. Basically, it is made for people who are in a hurry and do not have time to set a certain temperature. This is the very reason why Corioliss Tourmaline has no temperature dial but only a switch. Since you can’t set the temperature yourself, it gradually heats up to a maximum of 430°F during each session. This temperature would do well for thick, frizzy hair but could damage thin hair unless you turn it off when it gets too hot, in between uses.


If you want something easy to use, heats up quickly, and works effectively with thick, frizzy hair, Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron is the best device so far that meets these three demands. If you have thick hair, there’s nothing to worry about—the device was built with frizzy and unruly hair types in mind. However, anyone with thin hair should keep be quick to turn the device off and let it cool down when it feels too hot to the touch.
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