[Review] Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron with Ionic Steam

Looking for a device with infinite styling potential?

From the name itself, you can tell that the Conair Infiniti Pro utilizes ionic properties and has a steaming function but it can also be used for styling and straightening. The Conair line of flat irons is known for affordability and sleek designs. A lot of women have become very proud owners of Conair flat irons, but when it comes to flat irons that can steam as well, how does the Conair Infiniti Ionic steam straightener get along? Below we have reviewed and shared what we think of it.
conair infiniti pro ionic steam flat iron

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Good Things

Conair Infiniti Pro is built with a 2-stage styling system and steaming function which makes it a hair conditioning and hair reconstruction system. Its Nano-Silver plates are coated with Tourmaline and Ceramic Ion. Ceramic properties are known for their softness and tourmaline is known for its strong emission of negative ions which contribute to healthy hair.

Conair Infiniti’s conditioning steam system aims to retain moisture within hair. The case with using hot hair styling tools is, each time you expose your hair to heat, your hair tends to lose moisture as well. On the other hand, Conair Infiniti Pro tourmaline ceramic flat iron attempts to retain hair’s natural oils.

To use the Infiniti’s conditioning steamer function, you need to refill the water reservoir which comes attached to the device. When it is full to the brim, then it becomes ready to use for around 20 minutes of steaming time. You may choose between two steam settings: high or low and you may also turn this feature off if you do not wish to use it. It is advised to set the steamer to high if you have coarse frizzy hair and low, if you have normal or wavy hair.

The device comes with retractable detangling combs that protrude from the plates. When you use this feature, the combs automatically untangle your hair strands so each run under the flat iron results to smooth and well-combed hair.

You can set the maximum temperature of the device to as high as 395°F or to a minimum of 285°F. It is important to know how your hair reacts to both temperatures before selecting the highest or the lowest measure. In as little as 30 seconds, the device reaches the temperature you have pre-set for it. It also switches off automatically when not in use for 60 minutes. This feature protects your flat iron from overheating and from using electricity. Finally, a 9-foot long swivel cord is attached to the end of the flat iron so you can turn whichever way you like and it still doesn’t tangle.

Things Need To Be Improve

Compared to other flat irons, the Conair Infiniti Pro weighs heavier due to its added features and parts. The water reservoir, for one, is a heavy piece in itself. Another issue which most Conair Infiniti users have undergone when using this tool is the water reservoir’s “lifespan”. Apparently, the water chamber loses water in about 10 minutes when set to high and less than 20 minutes when set to low. Your experiences with the Conair Infiniti could vary but take note that when the device is too hot and when you set the steam temperature settings to high, the device tends to use more water. When set to low, the device depletes water as well but not as fast as the other function. If you want ionic steam to last within the stated time frame, start off by setting it to low and gradually rise.


The Conair Infiniti pro is a good combination of various trusted and proven hair care technologies namely: tourmaline plates, ionic functions, and common flat iron functions and perhaps, that’s what makes it an impressive device. It does have a few drawbacks but these disadvantages have alternative solutions as well.


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