[Review] CHI Turbo Digital Flat Iron With Ceramic Plates

A CHI brand can’t be ignore whenever it comes to looking for best hair hair styling tools. because of versatility, advanced features, and quality which can be witnessed in large range of CHI products.
chi turbo digital ceramic hair straightener review
Chi Flat irons from Farouk Systems Inc are popular. because they have specialised in ceramic hair straighteners like CHI Turbo. The special features of chi flat irons are developed for the chemical-free environment, and for the high professional quality. The popularity of ceramic hair straighteners is because the plates are coated with several layers of ceramic material. These are used to protect your hair from damaging by overheating.

Generally speaking all hair irons have specific plate width ranging from ½ inch to 2 inch. The Chi Turbo flat irons come in three different widths; 1 inch, 2 inch, and 7/10 inch models. The narrow and smaller width irons are suitable for short hair. Farouk Chi Turbo Digital Ceramic 1” Flat Iron is offering best features for your most valued hair.

It offers a temperature range of 1760F to 3920F. This feature is particularly useful when you require different heat settings depending on the hair type. The Turbo Ceramic plates are 1 inch width and it has auto-shut off feature. It has 10 foot power cord with swivel rotation of 360 degrees to prevent cord from tangles. It uses 20 to 25 watts of power to heat the element. The can heat up to maximum temperature in less than a minute. The ceramic plates are designed to maintain uniform heat.

You can make straighten your hair, or curl, make waves and even flips with the Turbo hair straightener. It is equipped with felt heat protection for safe usage. The heat control is featured to get your hair under total control. It is very lightweight and looks professionally brilliant.

CHI Turbo VS CHI Original

Compared to the CHI Original ceramic Flat Iron, the Turbo is looking much better in terms of heat variability and display. With the original flat iron the heat is constant which may not be suitable for coarse hair and curly hair. The heat on CHI Turbo digital ceramic can be adjusted while looking at the LCD display.

Customer Reviews:

There are over a thousand customer reviews on its listing, it shows the popularity of it. Around 70% of reviewers has given it full 5 star rating, and on average it has Chi Turbo has customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It is because of the quality, and simple technology used for optimum results. Many reviewers have said that the 1” Turbo offers best results.


Most of the customers and professional users as well have commented on this product as great flat iron and said they were really happy with the auto off feature. However some have noticed that the power cord gets heated soon. This may be because the cord is wrapped around the straightener. Better cord protection should improve it further non-professional users. When it comes to the price the flat iron is fairly priced and it is warranted as well. As an alternative, one can also consider CHI Air Flat Iron because of its advanced Tourmaline ceramic plates.


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