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I hope you will agree with me when I say its not an easy task to buy a hair dryer that makes your wet hair dry easily, quickly, safety, and satisfactory, especially under the budget price. So, if you have been looking for a high quality blow dryer that will allow you to get the look that you want from the salon at home. Then in this post I have reviewed CHI Rocket Hair Dryer, one of the most selling dryer in the market. This is a high quality, professional grade hair dryer that will allow you to get great results and style every time.

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chi rocket blow dryer


Ceramic Technology

Wondering what makes the Chi Rocket blow dryer so great? Many people just see a hair dryer when they look at it, but it is so much more. It offers ceramic heat, so you are getting moisturising heat and shine. This allows for your hair to be as healthy and shiny as possible so you can always feel great about the way your hair looks.

Light Weight

The unit is also very light weight so you can move it around your head with ease. No need to worry about a bulky hair dryer when you can use the Chi Rocket hair dryer!


Another great thing about it is that, unlike rocket in its name, CHI Rocket hair dryer is quite quiet. It operates quietly so you don’t feel like you are sitting next to a jet engine every time you blow your hair dry!

Ionic Technology

Chi rocket is equipped with an advanced ionic hair drying technology. Not sure what that means? Basically everything is charged with either positive or negative ions. When your hair is wet it is positively charged. When you turn on the Chi Rocket you are able to infuse it with negative ions. This sounds bad, but what it allows for you to do is dry your hair 50% faster, and it will also reduce frizz and static electricity which is common in those that blow dry their hair.

Far Infrared and Low EMF

Additionally, the unit features far infrared and gives the lowest output of electro magnetic frequency. This allows for you to dry the hair from the inside to the outside, instead of the other way around. This will also help to dry the hair much faster.


Providing 1800 watts of power, you’ll be sure to get a great look with the hair dryer while making sure that the hair is dried in as little time as possible while still keeping the hair healthy and full of body.


This advanced Chi rocket hair dryer is cost around $92 USD (check current price on Amazon). I agree in price comparison with other dryers it doesn’t appears to little high but, the professional features, aesthetics, latest technologies, and trust it is equipped with makes it worth the investment.


CHI is known to be as a brand with quality and versatility in hair styling products. It is a brand that many people trust and one of most popular in the hair styling industry. There is a whole line of popular Chi products for you to choose from, with the Chi Rocket hair dryer just being one great example. If you have been looking for a new hair dryer, this one is can be worth to consider. Before making a purchase, make sure to have a look on CHI Rocket on Amazon to read customer reviews as well.

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An Alternative You Can’t Refuse

Instead of buying CHI Rocket, I do now personally recommend to buy newer model of CHI, known as CHI PRO Hair Dryer. The best thing is that it is the later model, and equipped with all the features as CHI Rocket, moreover, it has touch screen for temperature control and airflow setting. And I also found it far more aesthetically beautiful and available in cheap price in comparison to Rocket. Which has made CHI PRO as the most selling hair dryer of CHI. Its current price is 30% OFF from its original price on Amazon when I did check. So, in my personal opinion, in a CHI PRO vs CHI Rocket comparison, its not difficult to decide that CHI PRO wins with flying colors.

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