[Review] CHI Nano Digital Flat Iron with Silver Infused 1″ Ceramic Plates

Because of aesthetics and similarity in name, some people think Chi Nano flat iron as an alternative of Babyliss nano, but that is not true. Because this sleek device by CHI comes with a variety of other features such as Nano Silver technology and Far Infra-red. Being a petite device, the CHI Nano Digital is good for styling hair—but that’s not the only thing it was made for. Is the CHI Nano a good investment or should you go for the Babyliss pro nano?
chi nano digital hair straightener

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CHI Nano Digital is a hairstyling tool built with 1-inch ceramic plates which have been infused with Nano Silver; Nano Silver Technology helps hair stay healthy and germ-free. Chi Nano also features Far Infra-red Heat System which eliminates excess frizz as it maintains heat equally throughout the plates. Its flash heating feature allows the device to reach the maximum temperature you set for it in as little as 10 seconds. With plates that measure a sleek 1-inch each, the CHI Nano Digital can be used to make various hair styles for various hair textures.

Being a digital flat iron, you can set or change the temperature via the digital temperature control on the device. You may try the lowest temperature at more or less 200°F or the highest at 302°F. The CHI Nano also boasts a sleek ergonomic design which makes it easy to use and maneuver. It also comes with a swivel cord so no matter how many twists and turns you make, the cord stays in place and does not tangle.


Perhaps the only issue you will have with the CHI is its size. If you’ve got big hands, you might accidentally put your hands at the sides where the plates are exposed. It is advised to keep your fingers on the handle at all times! And it is also advisable to wear heat resistant gloves while using hair straighteners. Btw, HSI Professional flat iron comes with free gloves.


If you’ve tried the CHI Original before, the CHI Nano is pretty much a knock-off of it, except that it’s smaller, it has digital controls and it comes with Nano Silver technology. While the Babyliss pro nano flat iron also comes with lots of other great features, CHI Nano stands out as a device due to its revolutionary features. If you want something which you can easily stuff into your purse and carry around, the CHI Nano makes a good pick.


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