[Review] Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron with 1.5 Inch Cushion Plates

According to beauty experts, natural products often give the best, most natural-looking results. You can find these “natural” essences in powders, make-up, and skin and facial creams, but usually not in a flat iron. If you’ve always wanted straight and natural-looking hair, what you need is your very own Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron. Here’s why:

Bio Ionic onepass is neither a Tourmaline-plated nor a Ceramic-Ion plated flat iron. Instead, in its 1.5” plates it uses Tri Strip Technology which creates 3x Smoother Hair by Natural Ion Complex; this feature produces negative ions which are safe for your hair. The Natural Ions also help in keeping your hair hydrated despite being exposed to 200°-350° F of heat. The Bio Ionic onepass may be one of the first hair straightener of its kind to come with natural ion but don’t rely on this feature alone.
bio ionic onepass straightening iron

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Let’s start with the exterior of the device: it boasts a sleek case which is ergonomic and perfect for styling. Its sleek 1.5” plates are just right for all hair types but if you’d like to get more done, try plates that are half an inch higher. It comes with a power light, an on/off switch, and a 10 foot swivel cord so you’ll find it easier to go around your head for straightening or styling. Most people haven’t encounter flat irons which come with heat vents. The Bio Ionic is the exception to that rule and has constant heat vents which maintain the fixed temperature of the device throughout its usage.

The Bio Ionic onepass greatest feature is probably its Tri Strip Technology. This feature lets Bio Ionic onepass heat up 50% faster compared to regular ceramic irons. However, its temperature can also be altered to any setting you prefer. Its Natural Ion Complex-infused plates help in conditioning your hair without damaging your natural tresses and like other soft-plated flat iron, the Bio Ionic comes with Fluoro-Ionic Coasting which protect the plates as well as your hair from snagging.


Despite it’s revolutionary approach to straightening, there are a few things which may frustrate you about the Bio Ionic onepass flat iron. For one, although it does give you a selection of 5 temperature setting from 240°F to 400°F these are all preset which means you are only able to select 5 temperatures in that range and do not have the freedom to choose any temperature you want. Moreover, the Bio Ionic onepass was certainly built for thick, frizzy tresses since it’s lowest setting of 240°F is far from ideal if you have thin or fine hair and could result in follical damage if used inappropriately and/or for long periods of time.


The Bio Ionic onepass Straightening Iron is a unique find — it promises shiny, natural-looking hair and gives you just that. Equipped with a natural ion complex, it assures a smooth and glossy weave after every use. The Bio Ionic onepass flat iron is the best alternative solution to chemical treatments — if you’ve never tried natural straightening options that return stunning results, the Bio Ionic onepass hair straightener is the perfect blend of natural ions and highly-advanced flat iron technology although people with thin or fine hair might want to think a little harder before purchasing.

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