Best Chi Hair Straighteners Review (2017)

Women are always choosy when it comes to their hair and why not, after all hair is what brings confidence in personality. Good hair brings you confidence and that’s what is most important for any women and so, Picking up the Best Flat Iron is essential. And among various models of popular CHI brand, they have some great hair straighteners which makes CHI a popular choice for many customers.
best chi flat irons
Our team has joined heads to bring the best of 5 CHI flat irons to our worried women. If you have been worried about choosing which from the market then here is the right solution for you. We have made this effort just to cut your struggle to half. Following is the list of 5 best yet trending CHI flatirons available in market. You may go through their features deeply, analyses your hair type and decide the best one for your hair type.

Best CHI Flat Iron in 2017-2018

Hair Straightener Award Rating Price
CHI Air Expert Best For Normal & Fine Hair 7.2 See On Amazon
CHI G2 Ceramic Most Advanced & Popular Flat Iron
(Best for All Hair Types)
9.0 See On Amazon
CHI Original Most Selling Flat Iron 7.0 See On Amazon
CHI Pro Gold Most Beautiful & Best for Thin Hair 7.8 See On Amazon
CHI Titanium Best Volumizing Iron 9.6 See On Amazon

CHI is one of the best brand leading the market in hairstyling products and especially flat irons. CHI is something you see at high class saloons in your area. Its goal is to satisfy the worried women best from her hair side by giving the new flawless look every time. All of this with little effort and little expense for sure. CHI has featured the widest range of hairstyling irons for every hair type and every entry level.

One speciality that you may deal only with CHI is the versatility of these hairstyling irons. Almost all of them seems to be flat irons but works for all- curls, twists, bends, flips, straight.

Following are some of the best picks from CHI. you may read underneath for details and choose the best for you.

1. CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

As you can see the name, it is the Classic version of Chi flat irons. CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is none less than a saloon’s choice. Yes, you read it right. A Saloon’s Choice! All thanks to the incredible tourmaline diffused ceramic plates. This flat iron is durable and gives hair a very smooth and soft texture because of tourmaline. It heats quickly that will reduce your hair straightening time to half.

It has the latest featuring of a led indicator. This flat iron is truly a versatile beauty that can curl, twist, straight flip and bend your hair all with the same flat clasping jaws. It is suitable for thick frizzy hair because of high heating capability to 410F. If you find it best for your hair type then you may also read full review of CHI Air Expert.

2. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron, 1.25 Inch, 1.4 lb.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium hairstyling Iron is something you see at big saloons. It is one of the best picks for professionals. This flat iron has a sleek design but underlies with the best features till date. It is titanium infused that makes it very rough and tough and durable. It makes exception with making your hair flawless from top to bottom.

Moreover, heating is something more quickly with this flat iron. On a lighter note, it is heard to just take 40 seconds to heat up and you are good to go. Well, all thanks to ceramic heater!

On a broader note, this flat iron is smart yet versatile. Since it features smart control for temperature and heats high to 425F. Apart from it, this one is dual voltage and versatile in styling your hair with flips, curls, twists and straight.

This one costs a bit higher but that is well justified with the most unique features among all. For more details, You can read CHI G2 Flat Iron review with its full features, pros and cons.


CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC hair straightener is something freaking weird since it is best for all. Yes, for all! Whether you are a newbie or a professional you can have this versatile hairstyling iron and use it well.

It is something that will leave your hair with eternal shine and the finest look you ever had, it combines tourmaline ceramic with silk that can straight even the frizziest curl of your hair and yes, pin straight!

However it also combines with heat distribution and leaves no factor back to lack at the list of best buys. Heating properties are as good as all others on the list with heating in good few minutes only but somehow it lacks at adjustable temperature handling. This is something that will stick to one fix temperature. If you have thick frizzy hair then this one can surely help you out to get a perfect look not only on parties but on daily basis.

You may read the detailed features in review of CHI Original Ceramic Flat Iron.


CHI PROS 1” CERAMIC KERATIN GOLD is the most attractive one in the list. It has an attractive gold sleek design and comes with a free hair treatment. WOW! It has tourmaline plates that injects an ever smooth and shiny result on your hair that it may last for five days. Yes five days.

It is absolutely not like any other random flat iron that will let your hair return back to normal in 24 hours. Its result stays to 5 days. The bonus keratin treatment is very healthy for your hair. It adds significant marks to the health of hair due to the presence of jojoba oil, argon oil, keratin and keratin.

This is one of the best picks from professionals due to its marvellous ability of moisturising, adding elasticity to hair, strengthening and adding protein to your hair all at once. It is dual voltage that makes it easy to carry anywhere anytime.

Heating is same like all others on the list. It heats quickly. If you have thing fine hair then this flat iron can help you slay them on daily basis. You may read its detailed review and features from here and then pick it if you find it suitable for your hair type.

5. CHI Pink Color Titanium ¾ inch Volumizing Iron

This is something that worth your money. Investing in ¾ inch titanium Volumizing iron will be a wise decision to last decade’s maybe. It doesn’t not only ends up at titanium plates but it has curved plates that adds volume to your hair. Apart from adding volume to one’s hair, it is super-fast and heats up very quickly.

This pink curved plate’s flatiron is attractive yet versatile. It can curl bend flip and straight your hair all with its same curved titanium plates. Moreover, it also has an adjustable control for temperature hence suitable for all hair type. Not only has this but it just taken 30 seconds to heat to its maximum temperature that is very quick and easy to handle. Its small plates makes its manoeuvrability way easier. You may curl with it easily and quickly.

Moreover, this one has heat stability that you don’t need to wait even a bit after doing one portion of your hair.

If you find it best for your hair then you may go through its detailed review from here and then decide.

Be sure on its durability.


Well, the above list of 5 best CHI flatirons have added to your knowledge enough about what’s best in CHI. overall, CHI itself is best. None of its product is less in any way however, it’s just about picking the right thing for the right cause. You may go through them easily and then pick one that is best suitable for your hair type.

Picking the one suitable for your hair type is indispensable since it’s not just about exposing your hair to heat for an hour. No, it’s not that simple. It’s something that adds to the long term health of your hair. So do analyses your hair type before investing in one of the expensive products in market for a wise investment.
Give your hair a healthy life by not damaging them with the wrong choice.



  1. I’ve ordered CHI G2 ceramic flat iron a week ago and I absolutely love it! I’ve always had coarse, wavy, thick hair and yet its works like a dream. I have now soft and shiny hair that actually blows in the wind, lol :). Anyways, I would like to know do I need to clean it after using on oiled hair?

    • Hi Sharon, yes CHI G2 and Air Expert models are our most recommended flat irons, and it feels good to hear about your experience. Yes, it is always a good practice to clean your flat iron plates with damp towel or cloth especially after using on oiled hair. But before doing that, make it sure that your hair straightener is turned off and unplugged. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I already have Babyliss pro nano since year, its works like charm and looks cool in blue colour as well. Now I wanted to have one in black with same good features. Please tell me can CHI G2 be a good alternative of Babyliss pro nano titanium straightener?

    • Hi Elana, in a comparative analysis among Chi G2 vs Babyliss pro nano, both models offers sleek design, 1.25” titanium plated, dual voltage, same quick heating time of 40 seconds to temperature of 425 and 450 F, respectively. In addition, CHI G2 is equipped with digital lcd for smart control of temperature. But CHI G2 lacks in auto-shut off feature, means you need to ensure little more work of pressing button to turned it off after using it. If you can handle this then, Yes CHI G2 is a good alternative of Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium series. Good Luck 😀

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