[Review] Barbar 1800 Cordless Flat Iron with 1 inch Ceramic Plates

Hate twisted cords? Go cordless!

Hitting the cordless scene is Barbar with its Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron with 1-inch plates. While most women opt for flat irons with swivel cords and 9 to 10-foot long wires, the Barbar goes against the wave with its sleek, wireless case. However, you will always have an option to use the swivel cord on this device since it comes with a 9-foot cord as well.
barbar cordless hair straightener

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Both 1-inch plates on the Barbar 1800 are made of ceramic, which when in contact with hair, tends to smoothen. It stays fixed at a maxiumum temperature of 392°F, which is perfect for hair that has undergone Keratin treatment and similar hair care procedures. It reaches the maximum temperature in as little as 2 minutes and maintains heat for up to 5 minutes, when cordless. If you wish to try the wires, simply attach the power cord.


As is with most cordless devices, the Barbar loses heat in as little as 3 minutes when the power cord is detached. You might need to heat it up again after 3 minutes, which would be a huge hassle if you are in a hurry. Take note that cordless flat irons are good for touching up though and if you wish to use this Barbar flat iron in its cordless state, you will take longer to straighten or style your hair.


The Barbar 1800 is a fairly simple device. It can be used for styling and straightening hair and it does not come with “fancy” features that do not always work; basically, what you see is what you get. Its ceramic plates can smoothen and straighten hair, its sleek design means easy manipulation and users may freely choose from cordless or wired options. See? Absolutely no fluff in between. But take note that its cordless functions do not always work as well when its power cord is attached. It is best to use the cordless function if you want to do minor touch ups; however, you need to make sure it is attached to its wire if you would like to use it continuously.

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