How To Wash And Dry Your Hair Properly Like a Pro

When it comes to washing hairs and then making them dry, most of the people do it automatically, I mean without paying much attention. Its okay as long as you have good natural healthy hairs but, using proper method may help in maintaining your hairs health and prolong life without getting damaged with time.

Tips To Wash Hairs Like A Professional:

how to wash hairs properly
1. Untangle Hairs:
Make sure to use detangling brush to untangle your hairs well before washing them.
2. Shampooing:
Apply the shampoo first on your hands using warm water, and then on wet hairs so it can be spread and applied evenly.
3. Washing Frequency:
How often you should wash your hairs depends on the daily routine and activities. For example if you do have an outdoor job, like in construction place or steel or cement type industry then you may consider washing hairs every other day. But make sure to cover and protect your hairs using scarf on such places.
4. Avoid Frequent use of Hair Products:
If for some reason you have to wash hair every day, it is best to avoid using shampoos and conditioners everyday, because they may be too strong for such frequent cleaning.
5. Avoid Powerful Hair Cleansing Products:
Excessive washing of hairs or using strong shampoos with strong detergents may alter the natural oil and damage your hairs.
6. Massage:
When washing hairs, make gentle massage on scalp using finger tips. Massage helps in stimulating the blood circulation but, it should not be intense since it may also cause sebaceous secretion.
7. Rinsing:
Rinsing of the hair must be rigorous so that it removes all the remains of shampoo.
8. Rinse and Repeat:
Avoid applying the shampoo second time in a row, unless you wash hairs less frequently.
9. Conditioning:
Apply conditioner or mask on the tips and along the hair, avoid on roots. Then massage a little, leave it to act and then rinse again until the water comes completely clean.

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Tips To Dry Hairs Like A Professional Without Damaging:

how to dry hairs using dryer
For a proper drying without going aggressive for your hairs, the first thing one should do is to dry hairs using good quality towel. When using towel to dry, make sure you are not squeezing too much because it may damage hairs as the wet hairs are weak and fragile.

Although, it is best to let your hairs dry naturally after use of towel. But as it is not possible every time, either its cold or you are in hurry to office or wanted to style your hairs like giving shape, volume, etc. Then You may use hair dryers. Making hairs dry using hair dryers is fun and easy but keep in mind improper use of it may make your hairs dry and brittle by losing their oils and moisture.

So, first make sure you do have a quality hair dryer equipped with good features then, follow the following tips to make your hair dry properly.

  • Use the dryer when the hair is almost dry, and never use them on higher temperature.
  • Work from the root to the tip and provide a massage with your fingers to finish drying.
  • Keep the hair dryer 15 centimeters away from your head, so it doesn’t burn hairs.
  • Use a round or detangling brush of the proper large size according to the length and volume of your hair. The larger the surface area the faster will be the results. Brush also helps in styling your hairs as well.
  • Divide the hairs by strands using clips layer by layer. Thicker the hairs, thinner will be the layer. This makes drying pretty easy and easy to manage, and also minimize risk of over drying of hairs.
  • Use a nozzle, it helps in pointing hot air to a defined section of hairs easily.
  • You may also thermal protector especially in case your hairs are sensitive and/or damaged.


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