13 Epilator Tips To Epilate Without Pain

I have tried to put together some, hopefully, useful tips that may help you reduce pain when using and after using an epilator. These are the tips that I use myself and others that I have found in various magazines or while searching the net. This is by no means a definitive list. If you have any tips of your own or any useful advice you would like to pass on then please feel free to leave a comment below. Meanwhile, before starting, its very important to have best epilator as per your need. Though, I do recommend Braun Silk-épil 9; it comes with an electric razor and various attachment which makes it easy to use on face, arms, legs, bikini, etc. Moreover, it is a wet & dry epilator means, it can also be used in shower when pores get open and hairs easily get pulled from roots without pain.
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How To Use Epilator Without Pain

1. Do Not Epilate Long Hairs

The best tip I can give is you must NOT epilate hair that is too long. PLEASE shave or wax your hair, then wait until the hair has grown to the shortest possible length, that is recommended by your epilator manufacturer, before epilating. If you do not follow this advice you will probably never epilate again.

2. Use Of Cream

DO NOT use any creams or products just before you start. They will coat your hair and prevent the epilator from grabbing the hairs efficiently. This will result in the hairs being snapped off rather than being pulled from the root. The end result: takes more time, red skin, and fewer hairs being removed and your skin feeling like a grizzly bear. Though, if you feel pain after epilation then, you may apply any good numbing cream. Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream for Painkilling is one of the most popular and, it can be purchased without any prescription as well.

3. Take A Bath or Shower

TAKING a bath or shower will also help to remove any oils on your skin leaving your hair and skin clean and dry prior to epilating. If you have a wet & dry Epilator then epilating in the bath or while taking a shower could help you relax, this is especially beneficial for those of you who are new to epilating.

4. Use of Talcum Powder

Do try using some talcum powder on your skin prior to epilating. Some women find this helps the epilator glide over the skin more smoothly.

5. Use Hands To Stretch The Skin

TRY using your free hand to stretch the skin, this will help the epilator to grab more of the hairs. This will also prevent any folds of loose skin from being nipped. This tip really comes into play when you are doing your under arms where the folds of skin are much looser.

6. Use Pain Killer

Worried about the pain? TRY taking a pain killer an hour or so before you begin. Some of you may like to have a drink or two. If you do then make sure you don’t have one too many. You don’t want to epilate somewhere you shouldn’t.

7. Rub Your Skin

TRY rubbing you hands across the area of skin you intend to epilate this may help to lift your hair slightly, which will make it easier to remove the hair.

8. Avoid Force or Pressure

DO NOT apply too much pressure while epilating. The technique of pulling your skin tight with one hand and letting the epilator glide over your skin really does work.

9. Do Not Hurry

Do NOT RUSH. Take your time. Set aside an hour or so when no one will disturb you.

10. Experiment

Just because the manual tells you to epilate in a certain way does not mean you have to do it that way. Try moving the epilator in different directions. Take it as slow as you like. Try doing it standing up laying down or with your feet in the air. I leave the position up to you, whatever feels right for you.

11. Epilate Early

TRY to epilate a least 24 hours before you intend to show off your silky smooth legs. Some women may suffer from a rash or small red spots, so using your epilator the night before you go out may be a wise move.

12. Exfoliate Your Skin

It is very IMPORTANT to exfoliate your skin after you have used your epilator. This will help keep your skin in great condition and help prevent any in growing hairs. For exfoliation, you may use M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt scrub which can be used on anywhere on body with many great features. Always use a good quality Moisturizer after removing your hair.

13. Clean Your Epilator

DON’T FORGET to clean your epilator after every use. This can help reduce spots and is especially important if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Using Epilator For The First Time?

I hope this information may help those of you who will be using an epilator for the first time. It may be very tempting to want to use your shiny new toy straight out of the box, but believe me, this would be a serious mistake, and probably end up in you throwing your expensive epilator in the bottom draw never to be used again.

It happens time and time again. You get the epilator home, open the box, and start using your new epilator to shave your underarms or legs without any preparation. Please don’t do this. You will just end up running around your room swearing like a trooper with tears in your eyes.

This may sound like nagging but please read the instructions that came with your epilator before you do anything else. Often these instructions contain a wealth of information on the right and wrong ways to use your epilator.

Get to know your epilator before you use it; find out the most comfortable/best way to hold it.

Make sure you know exactly where the off button is. This may sound silly and patronising but you would be amazed at the amount of people who confused the off switch with the speed switch on their first try.

Can it be used in water?

If it can and you are new to epilating then what better way to try out your first epilating experience than in a nice warm bath.

Does it have any speed settings?

If so, It would probably be best to start with the slowest speed possible and only when you are feeling more confident move up to the faster speed.

Did it come with any accessories?

If so, take time to find out what each one is used for and the correct way to use them.

For example, the Braun Silk-epil comes complete with a starter head that is intended to be used the first few times you use your epilator. This attachment has narrows the epilating head so restricting the amount of tweezers that are able to grab the hair. This results in fewer hairs being removed at each pass, therefore helping to cause less discomfort.

If your epilator comes with an ice pack or pre-epilating wipes then don’t forget to try using them. Although they will not make epilating painless (wishful thinking) some women really do find them beneficial.

It is advisable to either shave or have the area of skin you intend to epilate waxed first. Then let the hairs re-grow just long enough for the epilator to be able to remove them.

At first just try using the epilator on a small patch of skin that will not be on show such as your thigh or the top of your arm. After 24 hours examine the area for any red marks or bumps. If all is O.K you should be fine to epilate the rest of your body. If not then proceed with caution. You could have sensitive skin and may not be suited to epilating.

Think about the most relaxing place to start epilating. This may be laying on your bed, relaxing in the bath,(if your model of epilator can work in water) or just sitting in a comfortable chair. It may also help to play your favourite CD, to calm those pre-epilating nerves.

Also, please re-read epilator tips shared above. These have been gathered through personal experience and by talking to other people who have used epilators for many years.

Epilators really can be a great form of hair removal and unlike shaving the results can last for weeks. So don’t be afraid to give them a go. If you follow your manufactures instructions and the advice on this site it really can help to make your first epilating experience a far easier than it may otherwise have been.


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