3 Ways To Clean a Flat Iron Like New

Girls are often worried about cleaning their beautiful hair straighteners, since they like things to be managed and nice. Flat irons often get nasty both from outside and inside due to long-term use. Plus, use of relaxing creams, serums, hair sprays and heat protectants leaves stains and builds a thick layer of “gunk” that not only looks dirty and unmanaged but also reduces performance to some extent.
flat iron cleaning
So, if you’re facing the same struggle with yours so don’t just opt for getting a new one. Following are some cool ways with which you can make your many years old flat iron look as new as if you’ve just purchased it!

Method 01: Damp Towel / Mat

You will need:

  1. heat resistance mat/ damp towel
  2. paper towel
  3. professional cleaning spray
  4. dry towel

Step 01:

Plug in your flat iron and set it to the lowest heat setting. Let it heat up for few minutes so that it will lose the muck and buildup gunk on the ceramic plates surface.

Step 02:

Plug it out and place it on a heat-resistance mat and let it cool slightly for 2-3 minutes. (You can also use a damp towel in case there is no heat-resistance mat)

Step 03:

Use a damp towel or paper towel soaked in warm water and wipe your iron plates with it. You will remove all basic dirt with this first.

Step 04:

Proceed with professional cleaning spray from any brand. Spray it on the plates and wipe with a towel. It will help remove all buildup gunk and your iron will be completely new.


This article has two methods drafted, to post later.


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