What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Everyday

It has been noticed, usually womens found to be confused regarding how often washing hairs is supposed to be consider good. Some people think its healthy and, even found to be believe that washing hairs on daily basis will make them grow better. But that is not true. Despite, even if you skip shampooing, washing your hair everyday will enhance the chances of early damages in hair structure. So avoid wetting hair everyday as it bring hair loss, and doesn’t help in faster hair growth.

hair washing
Dermatologists and stylists recommend that you should avoid washing your hair every day with shampoo or other products, since the daily contact of these chemicals with the hair mistreats the pH of the skin and can even cause wounds, irritations, dandruff or allergies.

How often should we need to wash our hairs?

The most recommended solution is to wash the hair every other or on every third day, means 2 or 3 times a week. In this way the hair is left to rest for one or two days.

As we know each person works in different environment and in addition, there are different types of natural hair: thick, thin, dry, short, long, abundant, etc. So the hair care will also depend on these factors. So, in case it becomes a need like in outdoors job, you can wet them every day, but without using shampoo. And also make sure to take proper diet for healthy hairs and also ensure use of natural hair oils.

In addition, you should know that the more often you wash your hair, the less time it will last clean, as the scalp feels the need to create more sebum when it is constantly removed.

It is also important to take the right shampoo for your skin and hair type. Choose a product that represents the characteristics of your hair: sensitive, brittle, dry, mixed, oily, etc. The same with the conditioner, choose one that suits your hair. Also make sure to apply the conditioner on all of the hairs if by nature they are dry.

Finally, when you wash your hair, give a gentle massage with the tips of your fingers on the nape of the neck, in order to activate blood circulation and thus strengthen the hair.


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