Chocolate Therapy To Use Cocoa Powder For Hair Color, Health, and Growth

Ever wondered, COCOA, that tastes heaven on your taste buds can make your hair colored, heavenly soft and silky? NOPE? No worries!

In this post, I have shared awesome benefits of cocoa powder, which is something amazing and breath-taking as a full dose chocolate bar. Back to the ancient days of MAYANS, gifting one chocolate used to be something beyond precious. Every wondered why was that so? Well, I guess no.
cocoa powder hair care
Well, the fact is that the COCOA, we use in making chocolates, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and almost all types of desserts is highly beneficial for our hair. However, one may consider it as a joke but the reality is that cocoa is also like few other ingredients in our grocery that can do wonders to our hair life-rejuvenating and making them appear silky and strong!

Well, there are various readymade cocoa based hair products available in the market and one can simply go with them. But in case, if they are not available or are expensive, and you want to go homemade way then, here are few tips with which you can use it effectively.

How to use cocoa powder for Hair color and nourishment


  • 100% pure cocoa based chocolate our white chocolate(as per choice)
  • Water
  • Milk


  • Put the chocolate in a pan at low heat. As soon as it starts melting, start adding water and milk simultaneously to give it a semi-thick and smooth texture similar to hair dye. Once the paste has attained the consistency of a hair dye, you are good to go.


  • Wash your hair with normal shampoo and towel dry it.
  • Apply the above made chocolate mask to your hair from roots to tip and leave it for 20 minutes for drying.
  • Cover your head with a head cap and apply heat using hair dryer to let the mask absorb fully.
  • After 20 mints, remove the cap and wash your hair with water only. DO NOT USE ANY SHAMPOO.

You are now good-to-go with silk, smooth hair!


A very concentrated chocolate mask may dye you slightly brown. Hence, for this you can do two things. Either, make it less concentrated by adding less milk or water, or you can simply use white chocolate.