How To Make Your Hairs Soft, Silky and Shiny In Overnight

No matter at part of the world you live, even doesn’t matter gender, at some point of life everyone feels a need to take care of his/her hairs even if they already are healthy. And for that we do have dedicated a category on specially for hair care. In which you can read all the hacks and tips which can be used to cope hair problems and ensure healthy hairs.

4 Tips To Make hairs Soft, Silky and Shine More

In this article we have discussed some commonly used useful tips and home remedies which are helpful to make dull looking hairs soft, silky, and shiny in overnight also.

1. Olive Oil for Split Ends

To repair the split ends, apply an olive oil on damaged hairs. It is found to be very good to nourish the hair and prevent it from further breaking. We have a detailed article in which we have shared 10 methods to help you fix splits ends overnight.

2. Hair Masks

2.1 – If you are chestnut to brunette

Grind a banana and mix with the juice of an orange. Add two tablespoons of honey and integrate well. Apply to wet hair and leave to act for two hours. Finally wash your hair as usual and have them dry to witness hairs shine getting back instantly with each mask.

2.2 – If you are chestnut to blonde

Squeeze three lemons, add a liter of water and a spoonful of salt. Soak your hair with this liquid and let it act for fifteen minutes. Then wash your hair as usual. Do not leave it more than 15 minutes in your hair, as the citrus lemon can dry your hair if you keep it for a long time.

3. Beware of the Hair Styling Tools

Hot hair styling tools can be the great enemy of the hair, as they posses the risk of making them dry, opens the tips and leaves them brittle. So, Use hair curlers, hot rollers, and hair dryers, only when strictly necessary and always keep it at a good distance or at low temperatures. Similarly, specially cheaper ones with no temperature control can also damages your hair, so make sure to have the good hair straightener with advanced ceramic plates and temperature control technology.

4. Choose the right shampoo

Many times the use of inappropriate products can dull and dry your hair. In Pretentious we recommend that you always opt for hair products based on fruits and as natural as possible, since chemicals tend to damage the hair.

If you feel that your hairs are dull and dry, make sure to check our hair care category on this website, where we have shared lots of easy to follow tutorials and tips to bring your hairs back to life in the most natural way.


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