Six Things Which Can Damage Your Healthy Hairs

Sometime we forget and think eating healthy, applying various hair care treatments and products are enough to ensure healthy hairs. But, that is not enough. Because there are also some other precautionary things which can either hurt or lead to hair damage.

So, in this post we have listed six mistakes and bad habits every one should avoid to minimize hair damage causes.
Mistakes to avoid for healthy hairs

6 Mistakes Which Can Hurt Your Hairs

Avoid Hot Hair Styling Tools

Flat irons, hot hair rollers, curlers, hair dryers, etc. are one of the main enemies of our hair. Though, there are ways to fix damaged hairs in overnight but it is best to avoid cheaply made hot hairstyling tools as they can be disastrous for hairs health. I accept for many people use of these tools is somewhat essential, in that case only buy tools of highest quality, use them on lower temperatures for short time, and, do not use regularly.

Avoid Touching Wet Hairs

Hair becomes more fragile when they are wet. Thus they become more exposed to damage. So, do not comb hairs in the shower. And also avoid combing or use of brush when they are wet. Let them dry and get rid of excessive water but not by rubbing towel on them or on your scalp.

Once you have washed your hairs and, excessive water is dried, use brush or comb to make them set to avoid tangles.

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Do Not Try to Untangle Dry Hairs

When the hair are dry it is more difficult to untangle it, so pulling it trying to remove the tangles can break and damage hairs, permanently.

Therefore, if your hairs are tangled, use any oil or cream to moisten them first, the begin untangling them slowly and gently in makeup mirror with lights.

Do not sleep with your hair Tied

Even if you find it more comfortable or avoid entanglements, do not go to bed at night with your hair up. During the night the hair does not get external aggression, so it becomes the good time to let your hairs be free to breath.

Beware of very tight pickups

Do not tie your hairs too tight in ponytail or any other hair style like in buns, etc. As tightening your hairs leave stress to your hairs and scalp which can lead to hair damage and headache, respectively.

Do not Overuse chemical products

Chemicals in hair products are one of the major causes of hair problems including dull, dry, burned, brittleness, roughness, split ends, etc. So avoid use of hair color, dyes, cheap shampoos and creams. perms, relaxing and bleaching products.

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I’m hopeful that you will find above mentioned tips helpful in taking care of your hairs. For other hair care tips, keep checking our Hair Care category on this website. Feel free to let your mind speak in comments. Thank you!


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