14 Awesome Hair Care Tips for Men for Healthy Hair

Men hair asks for a lot more care than women. Since they are more exposed to dust, sunlight and stress. Our very “super men” you first need to understand that as your car needs your care similarly, your hair also needs it. Otherwise, you must not complain about hair fall and baldness in early years.

men hair care tips

Following are some good to go tips and a little guide that can help you to keep your hair healthy, strong, and to grow even in case of hair fall or baldness, etc.

1. Use clarifying shampoo:

  • Look for a clarifying shampoo from a nearest mart. It’s easy to find anywhere.
  • Use it twice a week.
  • It will rinse off all the dirt particles that sticks on your roots and reduces the growth.

2. Don’t over shampoo:

  • Men usually take shower twice a day (before work and after work) but don’t ever shampoo your hair twice.
  • If you are washing them twice a day then it will be best to shampoo them when you come back from work so that all dust comes out.
  • Shampooing early in morning before work makes no sense.

3. Don’t over wash:

  • Men take shower daily and usually twice a day but if your hair are falling rapidly then you must skip washing them at least 3 days a week.

4. Shower with cold water:

  • Do not shower with hot water. It gives split-ends and drains out natural oil from your hair.
  • You can use Luke warm water in winters but washing them with cold water will be a best option.

5. Trim them:

  • Trim your hair once in month, for sure. It gives them health and cuts the dead ones.
  • If you are facing hair fall then cut them permanently short. It will reduce hair fall.

6. Don’t wear tight hats:

  • A lot of men are used to wearing caps/hats for whole day long (or) some just don’t wear for long but when they wear, they wear it tight.
  • Well, tight hats doesn’t allow your sweat to drop down. Instead, it stays with in your scalp/roots and that causes traction alopecia (extreme hairless) and fungus.
  • Once, your scalp got these two problems it would not be easy at all to get rid of it then.
  • So, avoid wearing tight hats/caps. All day use of hat causes same thing but it takes a bit longer.

7. Don’t use dryer:

  • Men often use dryer right after shower.
  • It will let your hair fall rapidly in long-term use, so stop using it now or use of any other hair styling tool like flat irons, hair blowers, and curling tools that uses heat.

8. Pat dry:

  • Wet hair are the most sensitive and likely to break when rubbed with a towel. It damage your cuticles and tangle hair.
  • The best way to dry hair is to shake your head to drain the excess water and then pat dry them in the direction they grow to take out extra moisture.

9. Use the right tool:

  • Don’t use brush to set the wet hair. Instead, take help of your fingers to set them when wet.

10. Avoid gels:

  • Gels are one hell of a disgusting thing. It may seem very attractive that how it sets your hair and gives you all cool looks but trust me it will give you baldness soon.
  • Hair setting gels are high in chemicals that makes cells dead and dry your tissues and thus result in baldness.

11. Reduce stress and eat well:

  • Your hair needs food too. Eat well and try taking less stress.
  • less stress>less hairfall.
  • Take eggs in breakfast at least. Moreover, if you are having hair issues immediately consult a doctor to locate the vitamin that is deficient and try taking supplements as prescribed.

12. Use herbs and hair oils:

  • Our hair needs oil the same way the engine needs it. You must massage your scalp with oil once in month at least (more use will not be harmful at all).
  • You may use herb oils. Most common of them are lavender and rosemary.
  • Otherwise, coconut, caster and olive oils are also good options.

13. Avoid chlorine:

  • Mostly, men are fond of swimming and daily exposure to chlorine water causes several hair problems.
  • They will become dry and rough, they will fall, they will break etc.
  • What you need to do is just wet your hair with tap water and apply conditioner before diving in.
  • Another option is to use swimming caps.

14. Treat dandruff:

  • Immediately treat dandruff because it can produce fungus when paired with sweat.
  • Use anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week in case you see flakes.


Hair is what grooms and ruins your personality. Men should care for their hair from early ages because baldness is one common issue in early twenties these days. Obviously, no men prefers to lose hair and look old before the actual time.


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