How to use Cocoa Powder for Hair’s Growth, Health & Color – Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate doesn’t only taste wonderful but also can do wonders for our face, body, and hair, if used correctly. In ancient times, Mayans used to consider cocoa as a divine gift, and I can assure they were not wrong. Although, the worst possible outcome one can have using cocoa on hair is its aroma, so you may now can have guess how truly a chocolate is a gift for our entire body.

cocoa powder hair care
If you really wanted to try chocolate therapy for hair, you do have two options. Either you can buy cocoa powder based ready made commercialized products which can be easily find in hair salons or online. Or as an economical option, prepare you own homemade mask using chocolate or cocoa powder. Don’t worry, believe me its easy, just follow following steps.

Steps to use cocoa powder for hair

  • To make cocoa based mask, you need to buy pure chocolate made of 100% cocoa.
  • Melt the chocolate in a little pan over low heat. And then add some water until its attains a texture similar to hair dyes you use. Keep in mind the chocolate enriches the color of dark hair. SO if you do not want to dye your hair, then either add more water or milk to lower the tone of the mask without losing its nutritious properties. Else, you can also use white chocolate. But white chocolate is not so nutritious, that’s it drawback.
  • Wash your hair normally with shampoo, and remove excess water using towel.
  • Apply chocolate mask on hair as it were a dye, and let it left for 20 minutes or so.
  • Cover hair with plastic type cap and apply heat with hair dryer to enhance absorption.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly, and make them dry using towel.
  • And now feel hair by touching, how well nourished, soft, silky, and fresh they look.

Note: I know you also like to eat chocolate but, do not eat the leftover cocoa powder mask, if there is any. You may use it for facial mask as well.


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