[Review] Amika Flat Iron in Solid Ceramic & Black Color

Unlike CHI, Amika is not a leading manufacturer of hair styling appliances but still it has good collection of hair tools under budget prices. The flat irons developed by Amika are some of the awesome but cheapest flat irons in the market. This is because of their creative design and associated components. The components such as pure ceramics and infrared heat elements are innovatively designed to meet the user requirements. These hair straighteners can straighten your hair retaining the hair quality.
amika black hair straightener review
Using Tourmaline ceramic technology in hair straighteners increases flat iron’s capacity in terms of thermal properties and durability of the ceramic materials used. Most professionals have acknowledged the good features of Amika on hair styling flat irons. The “New Amika” hair straightener is said to be a leading product in the class of hair styling irons. The Solid 1.5 inch ceramic hair straightener is made of pure 100 % ceramic plates. These ceramic plates heat up in just 10 seconds.

Prices of the Amika 1.5″ Solid Ceramic Black straightener can be checked online retailers.

The Amika 15 inch is one of the great handy flat iron available under a budget price of 50 dollars, which is designed to offer both comfort and flexibility. The most exciting feature is that it can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in no time. Most of the flat irons like babyliss st100e struggles to withstand at this rapid temperature increase, so therefore they use titanium as base. Moreover the heat off the ceramic plates would not cause any damage to your hair. Besides using pure ceramic plates, the new Amika’s styling hair straightener now has tourmaline.

For better user control the flat iron comes with a swivel type nine feet power cord. It helps the user to move easily around hair. The 1.5 inch solid ceramic plates are perfectly suitable for both professional hair stylists and home users. Another feature of this flat iron is that it uses ionic technology to trap moisture held in your hair. For best quality hair the iron can be used to curl up or flip hair according to user preferences.


  • Ionic technology. Can curl and flip
  • Handy hair clips
  • Plates coated with Nano-silver technology
  • Nine Feet Swivel cord for better control.
  • Heats up to 4000 F (2000 C).
  • It has 1 inch plate. Fast heat up in 10 seconds
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates.
  • Magnet Cover Gift box

Customer Reviews:

Consumers have given very good feedback on the solid black flat iron from Amika. Most of the customers and professionals have said that it gets hotter in no time. The heating plates are made of pure ceramic and take only one swipe to straighten hair. It is less expensive if you buy from Amazon. The product includes two handy hair clips and comes in a magnet cover gift box.


However care needs to be taken handling, because its ceramic plates may break if it falls because of brittleness property. The ready light on top looks red indicating that it is hot. Once it is set to high temperature it will remain at constant heat. We have found from the reviews that the Amika 1.5 inch Solid black flat iron offers superior quality and provides excellent value for its price.

[Review] Braun Satin Hair 7 ES2 Flat Iron

The Braun ES2 is a hair straightener with satin ionic function, with 5 temperature levels in between 130-200 degrees, with a heating time of less than 30 seconds. It has an LCD screen with memory function, and also has a security configuration, with cold touch zone, and an automatic shutdown after being in idle state for 30 minutes.
braun es2 flat iron in black color

Main features of Braun Satin Hair 7 hair ES 2straightener


IONTEC is a unique technology specifically designed to protect your hairs health, and therefore your safe bet to obtain a healthy style. Active ions work like a conditioner. They surround each hair and quickly return the balance of hydration and helps in fixing damage hairs instantly, which is normally lost when combing your hair with excessive heat.

Floating plates

For added protection, its patented floating plates reduce friction considerably.

NanoGlide ceramic plates

The NanoGlide flexible ceramic plates, with extra soft surface, glide with three times more smoothness than conventional ceramic plates to preserve the health of the cuticle.

Temperature control

The Satin Hair 7 hair straightener works with temperatures that have been proven to protect the health of your hair with precise heat control for different hair types (from 130 ° C to 200 ° C). Thus, you can adjust the temperature according to your own needs.


Braun ES2 flat iron makes it easy for individuals to style and make their hairs straight easily without causing damage. It gets heated fast and give quick results with straight, soft, shiny, and smooth hairs, instantly.

[Review] InStyler Hair Straightener

How much money do you spend a year going to hair salon to straighten or style your hair? In addition of spending money and time, by having hairs stretched and pressed for years they remains at a risk of dry and worn and will require extra care. But to be honest, what if I tell you there is unique hair styler called InStyler that offers straightening, curling, volumizing, and various hair styles at the comfort of your home, saves you lot of money, and is more efficient as well.
instyler hair straightener
InStyler is not a hair brush, neither a usual kind of hair straightener. InStyler Hair Straightener is not like hair straighteners you see everywhere in the market, it is not a blow dryer or a brush, it is not a curling iron. InStyler is equipped with a rotary head roller system, which works with Ionic Bristles like brushes controlled by different heat settings.

Its using technique is similar to the others; means you do have to turn on and pre heat it. Then put your hairs in between tongs and then slowly pull it down. The similarity of two products ends here. Polishing and rotating hot rollers and blisters handles the biggest part of the work. You will also realize that hairs do not always need higher temperature to get desired results. For easy to understand its working process includes;

  • In the first step, the first set of InStyler bristles gently opens and separates your mixed hair.
  • Then, the rotary-head roller system slides over your hair and opens, straightens and shapes each hair strand without hurting you.
  • Finally, the second set of brushes performs the last lasting touch on your hair.

A unique rotary head roller system of InStyler minimizes risk of getting hair damaged in any way. As it give your hairs enough heat to get shape and doesn’t burn them because of being in continuous motion, unlike ordinary hair straighteners which make hairs straight by pressing them which increase risk of hairs damaged and/or burned.

InStyler hair straightener offers three different temperature settings; Low (140°C), Intermediate (157 °C), and High (190 °C) for fine, medium, and thick & coarse hairs, respectively.

After using InStyler, turn it off, unplugged and then let it cool. Wipe the roller and blisters with a soft and damp cloth, and put it into its place after drying to make it ready before next use.

[Review] CHI G2 Digital Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron for Hairstyling

Best hair styling tools is something synonymous to CHI Brand. CHI was the first brand to invent flat irons and it’s been two decades that it’s serving women internationally with perfect hairstyling. Styling your hair with CHI is quick, easy, safe, and satisfactory. CHI G2 Digital Titanium infused Ceramic hair straightener is also one of best i.e. equipped with innovative technology and many great features, which can be seen in this detailed review along its cons also, obviously. Continue Reading

[Review] CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 1″

Buying a good hair straightener to match your hair type is truly a big deal. Since the market is full of hundreds of different flatirons from various brands and comes in attractive colors and designs. Which can make heart uncontrollably wants to buy the shocking pink one despite looking at it features. In this post we have reviewed one of the popular flat iron available in market, known as CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener. Make sure to read the complete review before buying.


As the name implies, CHI Air Expert is truly a classic version of CHI irons due to its incredible features. And comes in two beautiful colors; Onyx Black and Reddish Pink. It is light weight, and equipped with tourmaline ceramic plates which are known to give quick results with long lasting shine. This CHI hair straightener is considered to provide the best value for money. Since it serves the perfect combo of features and performance, and works great to not only use on events but on daily basis as well.
chi air expert tourmaline review


Here are some detailed features which makes it prominent among other Chi flat irons.

Ceramic Plates and tourmaline are the new buddies

  • The CHI air expert makes exception with an incredible diffusion of tourmaline and ceramic plates. Yes, you read it right. Tourmaline the mineral!
  • The so hyped CHI classic flat iron has plates layered with tourmaline that makes it super smooth and durable to last a longtime as compared to other cheap irons on the market. Tourmaline enables you to the ever best smooth straightened hair with exactly no crinkles and snags which you may face in other irons.
  • No offense that it adds a small portion to heat protection as well.
  • The tourmaline gives your hair an long lasting shine!

Heats Quickly and makes no Damage

  • CHI Air Expert is considered to be as best choice because it is equipped with the newest technology of ceramic tourmaline and a heat distribution system that ejects exceptionally high quantity of far infrared and negative ions that minimizes static electricity and leave your hair very smooth and sleek.
  • Well, it’s not done yet. It comes up with an adjustable temperature dial that allows you to set your iron at the desired temperature. All you need to do is move it with a finger and you are good to go!
  • Moreover, this one has also got an LED Indicator for you. Now you don’t need to watch the clock for heating your iron. The LED indicator helps you to do other stuff in the meantime the iron gets prepared.
  • It can heat up to 410F maximum.

Reduces straightening time Significantly

Okay, so now you don’t have to spend hours in the morning for an all-day sleek and straight look. This CHI Air Expert reduces hair straightening time to exactly half. It heats quickly and gives the best shiny result.

Straight, Curl, Spiral, Wave, bend, flip-what do you want?

  • One more amazing feature to add it to the list of “must buys”.
  • Well, this flat iron doesn’t only restricts you to straightening. You can now bend, flip, spiral, wave, straight, curl your hair all with a single tool. Super perfect for all your hair needs.
  • All you need to do is be a little creative and you may end up with the most amazing hairstyles.

Light Weight

Moreover, this flat iron is super light in weight that is 1 pounds only. That makes it really convenient to use and even carry anywhere anytime.


Lastly, it has a 9 feet swivel cord that is enough long and comes up with a two year warranty.


This amazing versatile flat iron costs around $100. Well, I agree that it’s not too low but it’s fair enough for a one time investment to last decades. Check current price of Chi Red Fire and Black color Flat irons on Amazon.

Well, with all above mentioned features my unwavering opinion goes with the CHI Air Expert straightener. It worth’s the investment but no offense, no product comes without drawbacks and so is this flat iron.

PRO’s and CON’s

Following is the list of some pros and cons that will make you more familiar to this product.


  • it enables you to wide heating range
  • it has tourmaline diffused with ceramic plates
  • it leaves your hair very shiny and smooth
  • it is versatile


  • It may not be best option for very thick and frizzy curly hair since it cannot get hot over 410F.
  • As in case of other flat irons, You need to be a bit more careful and attentive while using it or you may also use gloves because, Its housing gets a bit hot after some use.


With all the above mentioned information, I hope this review article have dealt with your confusion of buying it or not. chi air expert classic tourmaline ceramic flat iron is truly a good choice at a reasonable price.

So what are you waiting for? Before buying, You can also read customer reviews from here on Amazon, that how it helps other people also to slay every day at office and of course on all important parties. It’s sensible to have one great hair straightener at your home and avoid big hassle of wasting precious hours in rushing to parlour for just to get good sleek hair look. Well, not anymore.

Personally can’t assure individually but, I definitely wish and hope you will also enjoy using it and don’t forget to tell me how many “WOWS” you got!

Rowenta Respectissim Liss Hair Straightener

For people who do want to keep hair straighteners for years then, Rowenta Respectissim Liss can be a great choice for them. Rowenta is much popular brand for hair styling products in European countries, as Babyliss Pro is popular in America. It’s products are used to budget friendly and kind of grantee of quality.
Rowenta Respectissim flat iron Review
With Rowenta Respectissim Liss flat iron you can dream of beautiful and perfect straight hairs without wasting lots of time. Because it offers temperature of heating plates upto 230 degree Celsius, and reaches to it in around 30 seconds. It has digital display and temperature control feature to set heating temperature according to your hair type either, thin, thick, curly, frizz, and American African ones. Its works great on all type of hairs and leaves them as soft, shiny and smooth.

It has a silicon layer on heating plates which are meant to be have better ironing of hairs. But some people find it little uncomfortable and complains that it causes resistance and jerks when passing through hairs.

Information about the model:

  • Brand: Rowenta
  • Model: SF7870
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Number of product: SF7870E0


  • Electric power: 44 watts
  • Necessary batteries: No
  • Power supply: network

In conclusion, Rowenta Respectissim Liss is a classic flat iron to have at home and can be shared with family members because of temperature control feature. White and pink color makes its further beautiful, aesthetically. It provides an excellent value for money.

[Review] BaByliss Sublim Touch ST226E Hair Straightener

Simple and Elegant at the same time. With the Babyliss St226E Sublim Touch, you can get that hairs straights that costs you so much in salons. It is great for fine hairs to make them straight, as it has lower power and which can take little longer time for thick and curly hairs. Since it is one of the cheapest model by Babyliss, so it lacks in some features and I personally recommend it to you if you are on tight budget and for casual use only. For regular use, you can have BabylissPro ultra thin, which is one of the best straightener for all kind of hairs.

BaByliss Sublim Touch review Continue Reading

[Review] CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC Flat Iron for Hairstyling

Are you also looking to buy a hairstyling iron? CHI in Flat Irons is an all-time favourite brand among individuals and professionals. Here we have reviewed one of the best choice and hairstyling iron from CHI which is CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON.

Markets are full of different hairstyling irons and it’s absolutely back-breaking to dig for the right one, but CHI has always occupied the top place on the list due to its unique features. That is why CHI is something we see at saloons as well.

There are couple of things that you must consider before adding one to your cart. And the first thing that you must ponder thoughts upon is self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is confidence, and confidence is good-hair. Right?


CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON is one of the best choice to deal with your thick frizzy curly hair. It is a saloon level hairstyling iron and can meet your expectations of styling your hair in the best possible manner yet different every time. It is a flat iron yet versatile hence named as hairstyling iron rather than a flatiron.

The chi original is the best choice to go with from newbies to pros. it has got amazing features that are super easy to use and you are good to go.

Well, your best hairstyling iron hunt is just over. Today this article will surely guide you to buy the best one. continue reading review for detailed features.

chi original ceramic flat iron


Tourmaline Ceramic infused with Silk

  • What makes this one a saloon level hairstyling iron is the infusion of tourmaline ceramic with silk that produces an eternal shiny and smooth result on your hair.
  • This CHI original 1″ Ceramic Hairstyling Iron comes up with the latest technology that combines tourmaline ceramic with heat distribution. This feature is present to make your hair smooth, shiny, silky and absolutely crinkle free.
  • The combination of tourmaline ceramic with heat distribution helps ejecting out huge amount of far infrared and negative ions that minimizes static electricity and gives your hair a perfect sleek look
  • This infusion of tourmaline ceramic with silk also helps reducing the frizzy texture of hair to zero.

Heating Properties

  • CHI flat irons are always known for their incredible heating properties and so is this one.
  • The CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON just takes good few minutes to heat up and you are good to go.
  • Moreover, this amazing flatiron can heat up to maximum of 392F that is quite enough to eradicate even the frizziest curl of your hair.

All-in-one hairstyling iron

  • If you buy this one then you really don’t need to worry about buying other tools for the purpose of curling, flipping or bending your hair.
  • It is an All-in-one hairstyling tool. It is featured not only to straight your hair but to curl, bend, flip, spiral and wave it in the best way.
  • It just takes some technique and creativity and you can easily perform various functions with this single hairstyling tool.
  • Super best and versatile for your everyday use.

1-inch Ceramic Plates

  • The CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON consists of 1-inch long ceramic plates that are designed in clasp style like all other straighteners.
  • This style holds your hair tight in between the plates and gives a satisfactory smooth feel.


Moreover, this one has got 11 feet long swivel cord that makes it convenient to move all over your hair.


As far as the warranty is concerned, so like all other CHI products this one has also got a warranty of 2 years.


  • This hairstyling beauty costs around $100 $59.95 (check its current price on Amazon).
  • The price is well justified with the amazing features. What else do you expect in $100? It produces an attractive silky smooth look on your hair that lasts a whole day
  • It gives exactly similar result to that famous saloon in your town.
  • Additionally, the versatile hairstyling options overwhelmed the price of $59.95

No offense, there is no product in the market with all good features and no drawbacks. The CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON has pros yet cons as well.

Pros and Cons

List of pros and cons which has been observed while thoroughly reviewing CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON:


  • This device heats more quickly as compared to others in the market and can heat up to 392F in just few minutes. This makes it very quick.
  • The maximum temperature of 392F makes it very easy to even straight the frizzy curly hair.
  • It has a curved design that makes it not only a straightening tool but you can easily curl and wave your hair with it.


Despite having quality of CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON to heats up quickly to 392F and gives an absolutely crinkle free look to your hair but this doesn’t make it flawless. There are situations when CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON can be harmful to your hair.

  • It is not suitable for the people who have extremely thin hair. The high temperature of 392F is harmful and can make thin fine hair dry or even burned if use inappropriately. As a result you will burn your hair that can’t be repaired by any product or treatment.
  • This device doesn’t comes up with an auto-off feature. This makes it a bit dangerous. Incase if you forget to switch it off in the morning on way to your office, you can expect its circuit dead because of excessive heating.
  • Lastly, this CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON doesn’t consists of adjustable dial for temperature.


Investing your money in a hairstyling tool is not easy. It’s a big decision after all it’s not only about a short-term sleek look but it adds to the long-term health of your hair.

It’s not necessary that if CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON works perfect for your sister’s hair it will also work best on yours. NO! First analyze your hair type and then choose your thing.

If you hair are newbie, and have fine and thin hair then personally I will not recommend CHI ORIGINAL 1″ CERAMIC HAIRSTYLING IRON because of not control on its temperature. As an alternative, you can consider CHI AIR EXPERT flat iron which comes with temperature control feature and available in beautiful colour on Amazon in similar price. You can Buy this amazing product from amazon all with a single click.

Good luck! You may not worry about destroying your hair health with it. It is safe and worthy that will pay your money back in the form of best hair.