Best Epilators in 2018 – 2019 For Facial, Arms, Legs, & Brazilian (Reviews)

Removing unwanted hairs from the body is seems every woman’s desire, as a hair-free smooth skin looks beautiful and feels great as well. There are several methods for hair removing, some are permanent like having a laser treatment and some are temporary. Temporary hair removal methods includes; shaving, waxing, threading, trimming, and epilation. In a general overview, it has been considered that removing hairs from razor is risky as it carries risk of being cuts, makes skin more sensitive, and needs to be done more frequently. While, the method of wax can be a bit painful and cause your skin a little bumpy and you will need a professional for a waxing to be done. In 2018, among all other hair removal method, use of epilator is considered to be the best solution, a least painful and less risky method.
best epilator
Before getting into much details, it is important to know some basics of epilators. For hair removal via epilation, one should need an epilator, which is an electronic device that consists of a series of tiny, rotating tweezers that pluck hair from the roots and makes the skin smooth and hair free in less time.

There are two main types of epilators; dry and wet. Wet epilators can be use in showers or on wet skin. But some times dry epilator is considered to be more useful as it make skin get rid of hairs a little more quickly in comparison when hairs are wet and sticked on skin.

Another good thing about epilation is, regular use of epilators decreases the hair growth as it takes about 3 to 6 weeks for hair to grow back and it also makes the hairs thin. Below we have listed some of the best epilators for women in 2018, which are not only popular but also are equipped with all the feature one should need to have. Either you need an epilator for Brazilian hair, or to trim bikini area, or even for underarms, body and for facial hair removal. Buying guidelines, usage tips on this page, and following list of top picks will definitely help you to have an epilator to perfectly fulfil your needs and matches your budget.

Best Epilators of 2018 – 2019

  • Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, Wet & Dry, with Electric Razor
  • Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver.
  • Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator
  • Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator
  • Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 5280 Women’s Epilator
  • Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401, Compact Hair Removal Epilator
  • Philips Bikini perfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit
  • Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover
  • Remington Smooth & Silky Total Coverage Epilator
  • Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy an epilator in near future, so here are some buying tips for you which can help you to pick a perfect epilator for you.


Always go for the one which is not heavy on your pocket and good in quality and performance as well.

The number of tweezers:

The more tweezers an epilator will have, the less time each epilation session will take. It’s especially helpful when removing hair from the legs.

Wet & Dry:

If you love to remove hair in the shower then must go for a wet one and if you are okay to do it any time then you can choose the dry one, as it is better then to remove hairs in shower.

Corded or cordless:

Cordless is more easy to use and it’s better if it is rechargeable, so it will not cost you for the battery every time.

Built-in light:

It ensures that you don’t miss any hair mistakenly and notice every thin and unnoticed hair.

The number of speeds:

Choose the epilator with more speed setting, as it becomes easy to use according to the sensitivity of area and skin.

Choose the right epilator:

It must remove the hairs from the root. Not to cut them at the surface of the skin and leave the root in. This is one of the most important criteria.

How To Use

A few tips if you follow while using an epilator so it can make the most of it even in a better way and will leave you skin more smooth and silky.

  • Trim long hair first — If your body hair is too long, so trim them first as your tweezer will not extract it and make sure trim your hair in similar lengths before you start epilation.
  • Move against the direction of hair growth — for a better and smooth result move your epilator against the direction of hair growth just like we use a razor.
  • Exfoliation — always remember to exfoliate your skin before hair remover which helps to save the skin from ingrown hair. You can exfoliate the skin with a scrubber before using an epilator, it helps to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Hold it correctly – using an epilator at a 90-degree angle pull out the hair effectively.
  • Hold your skin tight – always hold your skin tight while using the epilator, so that it will make a perfect epilation.
  • Moisturise your skin — make sure to use any moisturiser or coconut oil , after you are done with your hair removing. It keeps your skin hydrated nourished.


Using an epilator is much easier and it has made our lives much comfortable nowadays. Every epilator has so many features and are offering some advanced accessories with, which makes them worth buying. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of a woman with less time. less price, and great functionalities.

10 Best Hair Dryer In 2018-2019 | Pro Blow Dryers Reviewed

The hair dryer is tangled up with the history of fashion and women’s evolution. A life sounds incomplete without a good hair dryer and, in 2018 finding suitable one has become little difficult because of there availability in versatile range. As they get use excessively in our daily life NOT ONLY to make our hairs dry but, also to shape or to achieve different hairstyles. Most often they are also used to give a look of volume hairs which can be more enhanced by using other hair styling products. Along reviews of our shortlisted top hair dryers, in this article we have covered consumers guide which everyone should consider reading to ensure a wiser purchase.

A temporary hairstyling can be achieved by hair dryer, which can be disappeared just in a single wash. It is also known as blow dryer, and consists of a heating coil through which an electrical fan blows the air and then the dryer heats up. When the warm air reaches wet hair it helps to make it dry quickly. Mostly hair dryers comes with a diffuser, airflow concentrators, and comb nozzles.
top hair dryers
Below we are listing a few of the awesome hair dryers using their functionalities. You may get there better comprehension by studying reviews. It could allow you to create more prudent decision when buying in accordance with your need and hair kind such as; straight, fine, coarse, thin, natural, black, curly, thick, African American hair, or etc. under budget price of 30, 50 and 100 USD.

Best Hair Dryers of 2018 – 2019

  • Hair Dryer Ptatoms Professional Ionic Blow Dryer AC 2100W with Blue Light
  • Jinri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer 1875W AC Motor With Straightening Hair Comb
  • VAV 1875W Lightweight Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser Concentrator
  • Wazor Hair Dryer Professional
  • Magnifeko Professional Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning – Powerful, Fast Dry Blow Dryer.
  • Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Ceramic Styler/Hair Dryer
  • Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer
  • Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer, Ionic Dryer
  • Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush
  • Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment
Best Hair Dryer Best For Rating Price
Jinri Salon Grade Hair Dryer Top Rated & Affordable 9.6 $$
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer Most Popular
(6 Heat/Speed Settings)
8.6 $$
RUSK Engineering W8less Most Selling
(Best for All Hairs)
8.6 $$
VAV Blow Dryer Best Under 50 9.2 $$
Panasonic Nano Care Most Quietest & Expensive 8.4 $$$
Revlon Hair Dryer with Brush Best Hot Air Brush 8.4 $$
Ptatoms Ionic Blow Dryer Best for Thick Hair 9.4 $$
Wazor Hair Dryer Professional Good For Frizzy Hair 9.2 $$
Magnifeko Professional Hair Dryer Good For Curly Hair 9.4 $$
Conair Pro 3-in-1 Ceramic Styler Multi Purpose 8.8 $$
Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer Most Cheap 8.8 $
Remington Damage Control Ionic Dryer Best Under 20 8.4 $$
Hair Flair Deluxe Bonnet Hair Dryer Softhood 8.2 $$

Following are the reviews of the Top 10 Best Hair Dryer of 2018:

1. Ptatoms Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

Ptatoms Professional Ionic 2100 W dryer for thick hairs
This hair dryer gives a salon professional performance and it comes with 2 nozzles, 1 diffuser and 1 removable air inlet which makes it easy to clean every time. It is a lightweight machine which makes it easy to handle does not make the whole process tiring. It has 2 adjustable speeds and 3 heating temperature and a cool shot button which makes easy to control to dry hair and make hairstyle easy. Moreover, it has a built-in temperature protection circuit which helps to prevent from fire or any kind of damage, as if you use it improperly and persistently high temperature so it will automatically cut off the power supply. It is easy to hold as it has a nicely curved handle. The buttons on this one are all located in a logical position. With Ptatoms Professional, your hairs can get dry as quickly as you want. As it is designed with an ionic technology of blue light which protect your hair from damage, and 75 percent less frizz and makes your hair softer and less static. 100% buyers of Ptatoms Professional Ionic hair dryer gave it full 5 stars and showed their full satisfaction with the product.

Key Features

  • Featuring 2100W
  • 2 speed and 3 heat adjustments
  • Negative ionic technology
  • Built-in temperature protection circuit

2. Jinri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer

jinri professional hair dryer review
Jinri Salon works like a professional hair dryer, and is very lightweight, quiet also. With the attachment of comb it becomes easy to part the hairs and it ensures to distribute the heat evenly. It also has a tourmaline ionic technology which is meant to eliminate frizz,keep hair humidity-resistant and protect hair from heat damage. It has ability to avoid heat damage with the help of 2 speed and 3 heat options and the cool shot button help you to maintain your look all day long. 99% of the buyers gave it full 5 stars because of its light weight and professional performance.

Key Features

  • Straightening comb
  • High performance

3. VAV 1875W Lightweight Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser Concentrator

VAV 1875W with diffuser and nozzle
This Vivid&Vogue black light weight hair dryer is reasonable in price, good in quality, has a big wind and small sound. It comes with a diffuser, concentrator and a nozzle. It has 2 speed 3 heat settings for your convenience and a cool shot button which locks the hair style look when you are ready. The buttons are all nicely placed and easy to push and the cord is long enough with a protection device (ALCI) that ensure the plug is safe and should be checked every time when you use this hair dryer. 92% of the buyers rated it as full 5 stars because of its durability.

Key Features

  • Light weight
  • ALCI protection device

4. Wazor Hair Dryer Professional

wazor ceramic in black and pink
This professional hair dryer gives a fully professional level styling and efficacious performance. It 2 speed and 3 heat adjustment buttons allows you to change its settings easily without any hassle. Because of a nicely curved handle it is easy to hold. It has potential to make thick hairs dry quickly at a slow speed also because of its AC motor which makes the wind strong and concentrate. It has a removable lint filter which prevents hairs stuck into the lint and easy to clean. Anti leakage plug is designed in this hair dryer which is automatically activated if any leakage is caused during the blow drying and ensure the safety of you and your family. 86% buyers gave it full 5 stars because of its strong performance.

Key Features

  • Good hold
  • Anti leakage plug

5. Magnifeko Professional Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Magnifeko professional ionic
This Magnifeko Hair Dryer is a professional one which is sure to give your hairs a perfect drying and styling of your choice. It meets with the high standards of saloon shops and make your hairs dry in a snap with its 1850W of power. It has 2 speeds which u can adjust as per your need and has 3 heat temperatures which you can set as per your hair’s structure and the cold shot button gives you a chance to give your hairs different styles. The new design has great grip handles which save on the time that is usually wasted between adjusting grip. It also comes with an easy cleaning removable filter. It is easy to clean, easy to grip and easy to handle as it a light weight machine.84% buyers gave it full 5 stars and reviewed it as a much satisfied product

Key Features

  • Featuring 2000W
  • 2 speed and 3 heat adjustments
  • Easy cleaning removable filter

6. Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Ceramic Styler

Conair 3 in 1 hot air brush review
Conair ceramic 3-in-1 hair dryer comes with 3 attachments. 1 bristle brush which gives your hairs volume and waves, 1 dual-row fine-tooth straightening comb, 1 wide-tooth detangling comb which can be secured into place with the help of lock button on it. Usually, hair dryers take a lot of muscles to work with but Conair ceramic 3-in-1 dry your hair in half of the time even with fewer muscles power which makes it a must buy product. It is also equipped with the unique ionic technology which makes the hair 75 percent less frizz. Approximately 75% buyers rated it with full 5 stars and are happy with its fast, even and effective heating capability.

Key Features

  • 3 different Styled combs
  • Lock button

7. Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

revlon good for travelling dryer review
This complete little hair dryer is easy to buy because of its low price and good to use especially when you are going on a travel. It has an approximately 4 feet long cord and a hanging ring for a safe storage. 2 speed and heat options are designed in it which are good to choose if you are on a trip. Keeping the idea of travelling it is made light in weight with anti-slip bumpers for a nice grip. 71% buyers of Revlon 1875W voted full 5 stars because of its durability.

Key Features

  • Travel Friendly
  • Compact size

8. Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Ionic Blower

Remington cheapest ionic hair blower
Remington is a prestigious brand when it comes to electronic items, specifically the Hair dryers. Remington D3190A comes in a pretty purple color with 2 speed and 3 heat temperature options which you can select as per your hair type. It has a feature of micro conditioners which moisturise your hairs and with negative ions technology it makes your hairs less frizzy. It is equipped with 3 technologies of ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline are combined together and it makes your hairs dry quicker and gives your hairs a shiny and healthy look.The Remington’s cool shot button activates faster than many other blowers. It seems it takes no time to get the cool shot on this one. It also comes with two attachments, the one can be used for “fluffing” when you I want to keep your hair curly and the other one can be used as a helper for “straighten” when you are going to flat iron. Overall about 64% of the users gave it full 5 stars because it is able to dry their hairs just is a minute.

Key Features

  • Micro Conditioner
  • Advanced Technology of Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline
  • Provides best value according to its price

9. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush

revlon hair volumizer
Revlon is a renowned brand and is dedicated to helping women in achieving beautiful hairs of their own choice. It is a 1100W hairdryer with oval brush design and the brush is designed with Nylon Pin which gives the hairs a smooth look and causes less damage because of less heat power. Because it is designed in a brush style so it is easy to grip and easy to use as simple as you are using your hair brush. If you allow your hair to dry a bit and if you section it before drying, you can get a salon-quality blowout from this. 62% of the users gave it full 5 stars and most of them were happy with its good quality results.

Key Features

  • Brush Style
  • Tufted Bristles for easy detangle

Consumer Guide

Following are some of important things of which every consumer should be aware of before making a purchase of hair dryer.

1. Heating power:

Always look for the power or watts of the hair dryer which suits your hair style. If your hairs are thin and not so long so u can buy a light watt dryer and heavy power is not for you then.

2. Ceramic and Tourmaline:

If u want to keep your hairs smooth and healthy then always go for a good ceramic and tourmaline hair dryer because Ceramic technology distributes the heat more evenly and tourmaline is an awesome mineral that helps to smooth your hair.

3. Attachments:

If you want curly hairs then, you must need a diffuser as attachment. If you want straight and smooth hairs, your dryer must have a nozzle.

4. Cool shot Button:

If you want to keep your hair styles to set for a full day then your hair dryer must have a cool shot button.

5. Budget:

Always go for the one which meets your budget and is light on your pocket. Along that, make sure it is also equipped with all the qualities of a good hair dryer as well.


However, we have summarised the list of hair dryers for you but one factor one should keep in mind that using any hot hair styling tool so frequently can cause your hair damage and can make them weaken. So precaution is necessary, and using hair dryers at a safest distance of 15 cm from you causes lesser hair damage than drying hair naturally.

10 Best Curling Wand in 2018-2019 | Pro Hair Curlers Reviewed

Curling hairs is not a new trend but, still in 2018, not only girls but boys are also very much interested in giving their hairs a unique look. Nowadays we are living in the era where owning a fashion device is becoming a necessity. Everyone is so much indulged in looking better. Owning a curling wand, hair iron, and/or a blow dryer is the main thing for now. Youngsters, as well as adults, are equally interested in hair curling iron

If you want to have a different a classy look you have to give your hairs a bit of curls! The hairstyle is the main factor in modifying your outlook. For this, you have to get the best equipment for this. Many different companies have launched different curl wands and irons. They have special features in providing you best curls. Moreover, their characteristic features are also there to protect your hairs from damage. This depends upon your range and choice which equipment you chose for yourself. There is a huge variety of the stores as well as online which will provide you a wide place for choice. So, broaden your vision and get ready to provide your hairs with the best curls.

List of Top 10 Curling Irons in 2018 – 2019

Here is the list of top 10 best hair curl wands and irons which are mostly selected by the customers. Each one of them is best known for its features.

Curling Iron Price Rating
Hot Tools Professional Multi Heat Curler Medium
(Most Selling)
PARWIN PRO 7-in-1 Medium
(Editor’s Choice)
Mr Big Curling Iron High
(Most Advanced)
PARWIN BEAUTY 1 Inch Curling Wand Medium
Remington Pro 1-1½” Curler Low
(Most Cheapest)
Allure Three Barrel Curling Iron Low
Remington Pro CI91XP Styler Medium
Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Wand, 1″ Medium
Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch Medium
2-in-1 Mini Styler Low

Following are the reviews of the top 10 best curling wand of 2018:

1. Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Big Bumper

Hot Tools most selling
One of the amazing product of hot tools professional. The multi-heat control wand is ready to provide you with the best curls. It provides great durability and protection against damage. The gold plated barrel adds to its quality. Gold plating proves to be protective against hair damage. This is preferable for loose as well as tight curls.

Separate on and off switch helps you to set a favourite temperature setting. A suitable power range is available to set the desired temperature. It is very easy to handle and carry. The fast heat up ranges up

to 428 F. This is one of the best products for all hair types. Due to its protective nature it is preferred by the customers. Gold plating plays a major role in its sale. Professionals highly appreciate this product.

Key features:

  • Multi heat control
  • 428 F temperature range
  • Gold plating

2. PARWIN PRO 7 in 1 Curling Wand Set

PARWIN PRO 7-in-1 curling iron review
Either you want spiral, loose, ringlet, or wavy hairs, with 7 interchangeable wands this top rated and most popular curler has an ability to give every hair style one can expect from curlers. In addition, its elegant look and easy to handle makes it perfect choice because of giving excellent value for money. It comes with 7 barrels of different shapes and sizes ranges from 13 mm to 32 mm in diameter.

It has digital screen, where you can set your temperature according to your hairs and requirement. Advanced Tourmaline wands ensure not only faster hair curling, but also make your hair look better, more impressive, smooth, shiny, and damage free because of Ionic technology.

Key features:

  • Auto shut off
  • 7 Interchangeable wands
  • Heat resistant bag and gloves
  • Ionic ceramic tourmaline wands

3. Mr Big Curling Iron with Extra Long Ceramic

Mr Big most advanced curler review
This is another product for the curling range. It provides you with the best curls. The mighty size adds to its quality. If you are ready to set your curls with a handy product this is the best choice. The huge barrel gives you the best curls. It takes less time and makes sure all the hairs are curled properly. It has solved the problem for long hair beauties. It has the longest rod available in the market. So, it is the best product for long hairs.

The ceramic triple coating provides a better protection to your hairs. It is durable and damage proof. It helps you curl your long hairs within no time without causing them damage. That is why it is highly appreciated by the customers. In bridal make overs there are mostly long hairs. The stylists find it very easy to use. That is why it is the prime choice nowadays.

Key features:

  • Long rod
  • Ceramic triple coating
  • Safe temperature range

4. PARWIN BEAUTY 1 Inch Curling Iron

PARWIN BEAUTY wand with free gloves and heat resistant pouch
This is the best product for all types of hairs. It adds to your beauty. If you want perfect curls it should be your best choice. With all the best features it maintains the shine in your hairs. With protection and perfect outlook, this is the best choice. It has many characteristic features which appeal the customers. A handsome amount and reliability add to its sale.

With it is provided the heat-resistant glove which makes it even easier to handle. Easy to carry and handle adds to its beauty. Customers highly appreciate this association along with the product. Ionic ceramic-tourmaline infused plate is the most prominent feature. It helps to protect your hairs against damage. This is the primary demand of every customer. Along with style they also prefer the protection of their hairs. Such material coating adds to it. The next prominent feature is its 360-degree rotation. This makes it easy to handle. At salons and even for personal use it is very easy to carry. You can rotate it in any direction with causing damage to it.

The maximum temperature range is 450 F. This is a very good temperature range. It doesn’t damage your hair. A very safe range with perfect curls. This is the best feature it provides. So, if you are in a search of best curling product you should consider this product.

Key features:

  • 360 degree rotation handle
  • 450 F temperature range
  • Protective coating

5. Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand

Remington Pro pink color beautiful styler
This is another amazing product for the perfect curls you want. If you want your hair shinning and healthy it is the best product. A very slim device and easy to carry. It is best for personal and salon working. There is no tough job in doing so. You can easily manage it. This product is mainly specified for loose curls. They are mainly ttending these days. Loose curls always adds to your beauty so do this product.

It is available in a very economic range. 1-1.5 inch barrel which is excellent in producing loose curls. It’s easy to carry nature adds to its sale. A quick heat up quality is also the main feature. The wand gets heat up only in 30 sec. The other main feature is auto shut. All these features make it a very useful product. The main advantage is its damage proof nature which makes it the best choice for the customers.

Key features:

  • quick heat up
  • Auto shut off
  • 1-1.5 inch barrel

6. Allure Three Barrel Curling Wand

Allure Three Barrel review
This is another best product for your choice to be the best. It is very easy to carry. With its best designs and material quality, customers are very fond of it. It has an LCD temperature display. This display adds to its beauty. It looks very classy. It provides you with the natural looking curls. The 1-inch barrel has its own charm. It adds to your outlook. With a very easy way to carry customers highly appreciate it. Works on all hair types. This is its best feature.

With the extra fast heat up quality, it is frequently purchased by the customers. If you are looking for a combo this is your best choice. The ceramic tourmaline coating makes it more reliable and damage proof. Along with the curls, it provides the best fizzy waves. Teflon material which is pH resistant makes it more durable. It is very lightweight and easy to carry on international levels. 360-degree rotator with 3 piece hair waver makes it one of the best equipment ever.

Key features:

  • LCD temperature display
  • Three barrels
  • 360 degree rotator

7. Remington Pro Series CI91XP T|Studio Thermaluxe Wide Styling Curling Wand

Remington Pro CI91XP detailed review
Remington pro series provide you with the best equipment. It has the best range of hair styling equipment. As far as curling wands are considered they have a wide range. Studio thermaluxe is the best product in this range. The blush pink color makes it even more appealing. It is a very girly product. With a very high customer demand. Along with it is available is a pouch. It also provides with a tangle-free fabric cord. All these accessories add to its demand.

For salon working it requires a fast heat up. It has a very fast heat up feature with a temperature range of 410 degrees. This adds to it quality. It is very durable and reliable. To the customers, it provides

durability and a perfect outlook. Thermaluxe delivers consistent temperature. For healthier and long-lasting curls this is the customer’s best choice. Auto shut off is also the main feature. This is one of the best quality. The perfect fizzy curls add to your style. So, if you are a hair stylist or you want to use it for personal use this is your best choice.

Key features:

  • Fast heat up upto 410 degrees
  • Thermaluxe
  • Tangle-free fabric cord

8. Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron, 1″

Hot Tools Professional wand with replacement wings
This is another great product in this category, and its sleek design makes it very easy to carry. It provides you with the best curls and the outlook. It make your hairs look naturally curled. Along with it, there are two replacement springs included. All these make it up a complete package. The temperature rises up to 430 F. It is the best suitable range. This product is best for personal use. It is very easy to use as it includes a suitable handle. Even though heat up to high temperature it causes less damage. The spring quality adds to its feature. This is one of the finest range available.

Key features:

  • 430 F temperature range
  • TWo replacement springs

9. Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch

Anjou gold and black
Anjou Curler provides you with an awesome and long-lasting curls. It has a very fast heating set up. Due to which within no time you get the best curls. The temperature reaches up to 410 F within 60 sec. This is an amazing temperature range. It is very easy to use and handle. a 360-degree rotatable handle makes it even easier to use. The stainless steel character adds to its usefulness. It causes less damage even if heated to the maximum.

The auto shut off adds to its beauty. After 30 min of rest, it shuts off automatically. The thermally insulated tip and heat resistant gloves make it the best choice. Therefore, it can use whenever you want. The perfect ceramic coating makes it even better for the use. It becomes safe for the hairs. The protection of hairs is the prime demand of every customer. This coating makes it durable and reliable to use.

Key features:

  • Quick heat up
  • Auto shut off
  • Thermally insulated tip

10. 2-in-1 Mini Hair Styler

2-in-1 Mini Styler review
If you are a traveller and very much concerned about your outlook you are surely making the right choice. This product is all in one range. It provides you with all the necessities required for perfect curling. Curling and straightening are the most famous styles. They both run side by side. This is a 2 in 1 range. It is equipped with both to provide you the best look.

The nano-silver and tourmaline coating makes it the best. It provides the best finish. Makes your hair look fresh and silky. It avoids the roughness of the hairs. Gives a fantastic outlook with proper finish. Dual voltage is another main feature. It handles all types of voltages but the presence of adapter is a must. It makes it easier to use. You just have to flip the switch to change the hair styling mode. It works with just a finger click. It has a very fast heat up the system which makes it better to use. Within no time the product is ready to use.

Key features:

  • Nanosilver tourmaline coating
  • Dual voltage
  • Both straightner and curling rod

Curling Wand vs Iron

Significant amount of people are not of the term curling wand or simply can’t differentiate them from curling irons, as they appears similar in a first glance. But curling irons are slightly different and they do have the clip near the barrel. It makes easier for user to grip hairs which are intended to be give curls but, the final result by curling wands is much smoother as they do not leave crimps left by the clip in curling irons.

How to use?

These points should be kept in mind in order to use these equipment:

  • There is always a guide present with the product. All the instructions are mentioned. To read it thoroughly is your utmost duty.
  • Before heating it try using when it is cold. This will help you handle it. Moreover, this will protect you from damaging your hands.
  • Use a hair spray which can be of your choice to avoid the hair damage. This will helo you handle hairs and go for it.
  • Before using curler make sure that your hairs are completely dry. For this you can wait for the hair to get dry or use a blow dryer. This will prevent hair damage.
  • When using for any hairstyle use for a specific section of hair. Avoid using a mass of hair. Step by step you can give your hairs a perfect look.
  • These appliances have a great temperature range. They get hot instantly so try using it with great care.


If you want to be in the race of fashion styles you should have your personal iron or wand. This will make your outlook even better. With the expenditure of a small amount of money you can easily get your whole styling kit. So, have the equipment you think is the best for your hairs. There is a wide range with different materials used. This will surely give you a better and fine look. And as my opinion, I personally recommend to buy either Parwin Pro 7-in-1, or Mr Big Curling Iron; because of the higher customer rating, awesome reviews, higher quality product, various features which let to style any kind of hair greatly, and into multiple hair styles, all in very budget friendly price.

[Review] Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron with Ionic Steam

Looking for a device with infinite styling potential?

From the name itself, you can tell that the Conair Infiniti Pro utilizes ionic properties and has a steaming function but it can also be used for styling and straightening. The Conair line of flat irons is known for affordability and sleek designs. A lot of women have become very proud owners of Conair flat irons, but when it comes to flat irons that can steam as well, how does the Conair Infiniti Ionic steam straightener get along? Below we have reviewed and shared what we think of it.
conair infiniti pro ionic steam flat iron
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[Review] GHD Classic Styler 1 Inch | GHD Classic vs Gold Flat Iron

When it comes to hair talk, a hairstylists’ arsenal is never complete without that one special device that can style and straighten hair at the same time. GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener happens to be that one special device. It can curl, flip, wave, and straighten hair easily, but with great features come a few drawbacks. Should you be adding this hair styling weapon to your stash soon?
ghd classic flat iron
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[Review] FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron With Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

When it comes to highly innovated flat iron models which boast a variety of features and capabilities, FHI Heat never runs out of ideas and is perfect for all different types of hair textures and styles. Now, with the release of the FHI Platform Flat Iron, the company has once again raised the bar a notch higher when it comes to performance and versitility.
fhi heat platform flat iron
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[Review] Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron in Black With 1″ Titanium Plates

Croc 2 Infrared hair straightener looks like something James Cameron would visualize. With a unique design that’s appears to be out of this world, you’d be surprised to know that this odd-looking flat iron is not just a “visualization”, it’s a real device that can straighten hair and even do tons of other cool stuff—exactly the way James Cameron would have wanted it to be if he starts designing flat irons.

Three words to sum up Croc 2 Infrared flat iron’s design: futuristic, smart, and fresh. Aside from being just a straightener, it is a hair reconstruction and reconditioning device which comes jam-packed with features that combine infrared technology and ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium materials. When it comes to using infrared technology, hands down, Croc 2 appears to be a authority.
croc 2 infrared flat iron
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[Review] Bio Ionic Onepass Flat Iron with 1.5 Inch Cushion Plates

According to beauty experts, natural products often give the best, most natural-looking results. You can find these “natural” essences in powders, make-up, and skin and facial creams, but usually not in a flat iron. If you’ve always wanted straight and natural-looking hair, what you need is your very own Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron. Here’s why:

Bio Ionic onepass is neither a Tourmaline-plated nor a Ceramic-Ion plated flat iron. Instead, in its 1.5” plates it uses Tri Strip Technology which creates 3x Smoother Hair by Natural Ion Complex; this feature produces negative ions which are safe for your hair. The Natural Ions also help in keeping your hair hydrated despite being exposed to 200°-350° F of heat. The Bio Ionic onepass may be one of the first hair straightener of its kind to come with natural ion but don’t rely on this feature alone.
bio ionic onepass straightening iron
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[Review] Barbar 1800 Cordless Flat Iron with 1 inch Ceramic Plates

Hate twisted cords? Go cordless!

Hitting the cordless scene is Barbar with its Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron with 1-inch plates. While most women opt for flat irons with swivel cords and 9 to 10-foot long wires, the Barbar goes against the wave with its sleek, wireless case. However, you will always have an option to use the swivel cord on this device since it comes with a 9-foot cord as well.
barbar cordless hair straightener
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