14 Tips To Use Epilator Without Pain – Epilating Guide

Infact, epilation is one the most popular way of hair removal but, buying an expensive hyped brand or finest of epilator does not guarantee a painless and smooth epilation. Apart from choosing the best epilator, it is important to follow some tips and techniques to use epilator appropriately and epilate your body smoothly, without pain and, by avoiding unnecessary rashes.
epilator tips

How To Use Epilator Without Pain

Pick the right epilator

Its awesome if you can get your hands on multi purpose epilator; equipped with various features and comes with lots of attachments to make it easy to use. Like Panasonic ES-ED90-P; it can be used as shaver, and with multiple attachments like shaver head, massage cap, skin contact cap, brush, comb for bikini hair, etc. makes it easy to use on all body parts including; face, legs, arms, armpits, underams, brazilian, etc. Moreover, its wet & dry feature let you use it in shower when pore gets open and hair easily get pulled from roots without pain.

Use of cream

What is often observed that people assume; by applying cream or lotion will make epilation process less painful, smoother and easier. Sadly, the reality is not so!

Coating your skin with cream or lotion before using an epilator can worsen the process. Because, creamy layer works as a barrier between the skin and the device and so, as a result, it either becomes difficult for tweezers to grab hair or the hair get snapped out instead of being plucked out right from the roots. And that is painful, and may turn your skin into reddish, uneven, and rough. Plus, the process becomes prolong too.

However, the right time to apply any cream or lotion on your skin is after using the epilator. In case, you have sensitive skin or wanted to avoid pain of any kind, then you may check Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream. It is a popular pain killer, and commonly available on stores without prescription as well.

Do not epilate long hair

You should not epilate LONG hair. Since, plucking a long hair strand is more painful as compared to the shorter one. Hence, it is better advised to first, trim or shave your hair and then use the epilator when small growth is seen. It will help you plucking them right from the roots and the process will become less painful as well.

Take a bath or shower

Moreover, another tip to epilate your hair appropriately is to take a bath right before doing it. This will help your skin get rid of unnecessary oil over it and as a result, you will have a completely dry and clean skin to epilate on. In case, if you decide to epilate on a skin that is full of oil, you will end up only snapping the hair fossils instead of plucking-out directly from roots.

Rub your skin

Rub your skin by bare hands or towel for a while before using an epilator will help by rising the hair and make it easier for an epilator to pluck them out.

Use of talcum powder

Moreover, for whatever reason you face difficulties gliding the epilator smoothly over skin then, try applying some talcum powder prior to the process. It will make the surface smoother and it will become easy to glide epilator on your skin in all directions for best results.

Use hand to stretch your skin

In an order to grab more hair and avoid unnecessary folds on your skin from being squeezed under the epilator tweezers, try stretching your skin with your free hand. This tips works really well when is epilating underarms and bikini line.

Avoid force or pressure

Try not to apply pressure while epilating as it may scratch skin and can result in a painful or reddish skin. The best trick is to stretch the area with one hand and roll the device with the second hand.

Do not hurry

As we all know, rushing is always a wrong choice! especially when it comes to your skin that is the most delicate body organ, you dare not hassle the process. Take your time and give it due attention to get smooth, soft, and completely hair-less skin in the end. The procedure is that you put one hand on your skin and let the epilator glide over smoothly.

Epilate early

Sometime what is observed that some women face allergy or rashes might be because of improper use of an epilator. Hence, as a precaution, it is wisely advised to use it at least 24 hours earlier to when you are going to show it off. Because, in case, if any rash shows up, it will go away in 24 hours easily.

Exfoliate your skin

Always try to exfoliate the intended area after using an epilator so that you may get rid of ingrown hair growth right away. For this, you may use any scrub or moisturizer. However, we advise M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt scrub to be best for the purpose. You can use it on all body parts including the bikini line.

Clean your epilator

Cleaning your epilator is necessary after every use for best hygiene.

Use pain killer

Little pain is something very normal with epilating. Some have it after doing so, whereas, others have it even during the process. What the case is, it is best to take a painkiller before ahead if you are worried or after epilation.


Its not necessary to consider yourself bounded within the prescribed procedure by the manufacturer and dare not to go a pinch beyond. Feel free to experiment and use epilator in any sensible direction. Start slowly and try experimenting the procedure in different positions and decide for the one that is most comfortable to you, no matter if that is not written of what is suggested by the manufacturer.

Can it be used in water?

If you are suspecting to use it in shower or not, you need to hold on. For your best knowledge, all epilators cannot be used in a shower. However, one can use only wet and dry epilators in shower.

Moreover, I generally advise newbies to go with the wet and dry epilators and use them while taking a warm bath. Because during shower, our pores get open and hair are easily plucked out, making the process pain-free but slow also

Using epilator for the first time?

Things usually go synchronized for experienced users. But for newbies, it can not be guaranteed. SO, be prepared!

Its recommended not to take out the shiny sleek equipment from the box and start playing over your skin especially on for hair removal from face, as the results can be painful. I generally advise first time users to be calm with the process and do not start right away. Make sure to first read the instructions given by the manufacturer to become aware of your epilator features to handle it appropriately. Regarding the usage, I mean, a part of on/off switch, you must know exactly what kind of head to use on what body part, etc.

Does it have any speed setting?

Generally, not all the epilators have customized speed setting. However, for the ones that has the feature, it is best to begin with the slowest speed and turn it higher according to your comfort zone. Otherwise, starting with a high speed on sensitive body parts may lead to painful hair removal and you may get skin cuts or rashes as well.

Did it come with any accessories?

As far as accessories are concerned, not all epilators come with them. However, the ones that comes, usually has starter heads / gentle cap, bikini comb, and pre-epilating wipes, etc.

The only purpose of additional starter heads is to make the process easier for early users. Like the Braun silk-epl comes with a starter head that is to reduce the number of tweezers in the first go so that not all the hairs are plucked at once which can hurt.

For the ones that comes with pre-epilating wipes and icepacks, they are to be used before the process.

Moreover from epilating, here is another bunch of tips below that you must mark on your checklist. Have a look!

  • Always opt for a comfortable position first.
  • Always wax your long hair and wait for the shorter ones to grow for best plucking.
  • Always start with a smaller area that is not exposed to others, i.e., thighs or upper arms and wait for couple hours at least to check for unnecessary bumps and rashes.

Epilator is and will remain to be one of the best form of hair removal for the ladies of all ages. However, it is necessary to use it appropriately and pre-read the instructions and tips for optimum and pain free results.

Why is my Hair Poofy After I Straighten it – Learn To Reduce Frizz

With the invent of hair straighteners, it seems every girl and women prefer to have straight hair. Hair straighteners feels like a blessing especially for the females who are born with curly or not so straight hair. And they do love it for all the right reasons as, they are pretty simple to use. Just plug in, set the temperature, apply some heat protector on hair and you are good to go.poofy hair after hair straightening

But wait! May be not everything is as good as it seems. There are plenty of women around the globe who have complaints. Women say that their hair look poofy even after they straighten them up. And they have all the rights to be jealous of those woman who come up with super silky straight hairs after ironing. Its common to see forums fill up with complains why is there a frizz in hair after straightening.

As they say there is a solution available for almost everything. Of course, there must be a reason if you are not coming up with your desired hairs and we are going to explore the reasons below. Find out if this is the reason why your hairs looks poofy or have frizzy ends and learn to make them straight perfectly.

Why Is Your Hair Poofy and How To Reduce it?

In short, your hair are poofy because they are not properly nourished and there structure is damaged. Ironing them improperly without use of ionic technology and moisture, especially hair styling at higher temperatures may make them frizzy further. Which can be reduced by following tips:

1. What type of Flat Iron you are using?

Not all the flat irons are good for your hairs even if they are the top one. If your hair comes out puffy after you straighten them up then maybe there is a problem with your iron type after all. Not every flat iron will give you super straight silky hairs. Some will make your hair look flat, some will make your hair look shabby, dry, and dull.

It is very important to choose the right iron to straight your hairs. We know of an iron which is a perfect fix. If you want the perfect silky straight hairs for an upcoming event that it’s time you change your iron to ionic Flat iron. Ionic flat irons do have plates of especial ceramic that emits negative ions that counteract with positive ions and make hair straight by keeping hair moisture with in. They are also considered to be best pick for straightening of damaged or puffy hairs.

2. Do you check hair straightener temperature?

There are women out there who starts straightening up their hairs without checking the temperature of the straightener. Checking the temperature of a straightener is a prerequisite and its wrong if you don’t consider this as an option. Do not simply plug the straightener and start straightening hair. Rather, start by setting temperature on lowest and make it high according to your hair type. Higher temperature has the potential to make your hair dry, shabby, puffy, or burned by evaporating all the moisture with in hair. This is wrong practice.

The perfect temperature which can give a woman super silky straight hair is 320 to 380. For thick, coarse, or curly hair you might need to set temperature in between 400-450 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Do you use conditioner?

If you are that kind of woman who want silky straight hair on an event then it’s time you start using conditioner with your shampoo. You have to realise that shampoo is not enough, as Shampoos have the kind of ingredients in them which makes your hair look Poofy or rough on a regular day. To make sure that you get the silky straight result after straightening up your hairs it is very important that you use a conditioner. Don’t use a conditioner which everyone else is using. Use a conditioner that claims to manage your hair type in a better way.

If you have an event tomorrow make sure you wash your hairs with conditioner the night before. Using a perfect conditioner would give you perfect silky straight hairs after you straighten them up.

4. Titanium straighteners for Coarse hair

Not every woman is born with a perfect blend of fine hair. Some women are born with thick coarse hairs. The dilemma with thick coarse hair is even after you straight them up they might still look frizzy.

Aside from using flat iron with wide plates and on appropriate temperature, it is also important to make sure that your coarse hairs don’t look poofy after you straight them up is by using titanium straighteners. Titanium flat iron are light in weight, uses negative ions to generate heat, and have built in resistance against heat and unfavorable voltage.

5. Make sure you apply moisture

Make sure to use hair masks or apply moisture on hair before straightening them. Properly moist hair reduces chances of getting dry, burn or puffy because of heat. Though, there are plenty of moisturizers available in market especially designed to use before hair straightening to avoid hair frizziness. As a prevention, you may also use heat protector or apply oil as a barrier to minimize direct effect of heat on hair.

6. Make You Hair Comb Properly

Don’t just go straight to ironing your hair. After you make sure that you have washed hairs perfectly, apply moisturizer or heat protector, and then comb them well. Then by adjusting proper temperature, start straightening your hairs. Combing will make sure flat iron glides smoothly and leaving silky, smooth, straight hairs.

There are the perfect fixes that will help you to minimize frizziness when you do hair straightening.

How To Clean a Flat Iron Like New

Girls are often worried about cleaning their beautiful hair straighteners, since they like things to be managed and nice. Flat irons often get nasty both from outside and inside due to long-term use. Plus, use of relaxing creams, serums, hair sprays and heat protectants leaves stains and builds a thick layer of “gunk” that not only looks dirty and unmanaged but also reduces performance to some extent.
flat iron cleaning
So, if you’re facing the same struggle with yours so don’t just opt for getting a new one. Following are some cool ways with which you can make your many years old tool look as brand new hair straightener, like you’ve just purchased it!

4 Best Ways To Clean Any Flat Iron

Method 01: Damp Towel / Mat

You will need:

  1. Heat resistance mat/ damp towel
  2. Paper towel
  3. Professional cleaning spray
  4. Dry towel

Step 01:

Plug in your flat iron and set it to the lowest heat setting. Let it heat up for few minutes so that it will lose the muck and buildup gunk on the ceramic plates surface.

Step 02:

Instead of depending on flat irons auto shut off feature, Plug it out and place it on a heat-resistance mat and let it cool slightly for 2-3 minutes. (You can also use a damp towel in case there is no heat-resistance mat)

Step 03:

Use a damp towel or paper towel soaked in warm water and wipe your iron plates with it. You will remove all basic dirt with this first.

Step 04:

Proceed with professional cleaning spray from any brand. Spray it on the plates and wipe with a towel. It will help remove all buildup gunk and your iron will be completely new.

Method 02: Cotton Ball

You will need:

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. A wet cloth

Step 01:

First make sure your iron is completely cool. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface of plates with it. Make a Q-Tip of the cotton ball with the help of your fingers and rub on any sort of crannies and nooks present on the plate with some force.

Step 02:

After doing this, wipe it again with a wet cloth so that there will be no drop of alcohol and dirt left on it.

Method 03: Baking Soda / Vinegar

Since, alcohol may damage finishing of ceramic plates and oxidizes titanium plates of flat iron. So, Baking Soda/ Vinegar is a good alternate to clean flat iron without alcohol. Chi and BabylissPro flat iron uses mostly ceramic and titanium plates, so if you do have them then use this method to get burnt hairspray off and make your burnt hair straighteners plates clean like new without damages. For this you will need:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Tooth brush / Magic eraser
  3. Cloth
  4. Hydrogen peroxide
  5. Vinegar

Step 01:

Take a ¼ cup of baking soda and add some hydrogen peroxide and/or some vinegar to it to give the paste consistency. Mix it well leaving no lumps at all.

Step 02:

Apply this paste to the plates of your flatiron with your fingers.

Step 03:

Use a tooth brush or magic eraser and gently rub the surface of plates with force until the gunks due to hairsprays and other products disappears.

Step 04:

Clean it with a piece of cloth and you will see no gunks at all.

Method 04: Creams Relaxer

You will need:

  1. Creams relaxer
  2. Moisten cloth

Step 01:

Pour 12-15 drops of cream relaxer on the plates while the iron is completely cool.

Step 02:

Spread the relaxer with your fingers evenly

Step 03:

Plug in the iron and let it get extremely hot for 10-15 minutes approx…

Step 04:

Plug out the iron and let it cool.

Step 05:

As soon as it cools down, wipe the cream relaxer with the moisten cloth. Your iron will be super clean. No gunks, no mucks, no crannies at all.


Use any of these methods and make your iron as clean as brand new!

How To Make Dull Hair Shiny at Home in One Day

DO you have dull hair? Does your hair has lost their natural shine? If so, I assure you that you are not the only one. Infact, the dull hair is one of the major concerns of many people, especially of many women. The aggression suffered by hair on a daily basis, the discolorations, the dyes, the abuse of hot hair styling tools including; high temperature flat irons, curling irons, dryers, etc. or simply an improper diet can be the cause of dull hair that worries you so much.
make dull hair shiny
So, to make your dull looking hairs shiny, silky, healthy again in a day, follow these tips and tricks to start seeing instant results in overnight.

1. Check Your Diet:

It is essential to have a blanced diet for the proper functioning of the body in general. We need a contribution of specific vitamins so that our hair grows and looks healthy and bright. Do not wait to suffer alopecia to check your diet, a simple lack of shine in hairs is a sign that something is not working well. In a separate article We do have already covered best foods, vitamins and herbs for healthy hairs.

2. Use Mask:

The masks moisturize and nourish the hair, they are an indispensable weapon to combat the effects of the aggression suffered by the hair, especially when the lack of shine is a consequence caused by external aggression, such as dyes, improper use of flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons, etc.

You can buy good masks to restore the natural shine of hair either online or from nearby hair salon or shop specializing in hair cosmetics. And do not forget to use Argan Oil, its one of the best ally in case of dry, brittle and dull hair. However, in times of difficulty, ingenuity must be sharpened. And resort to home treatments to have a shiny hairs. Surely you have already heard about the nutritional properties of the egg, or the benefits of cold water on the hair.

3. Strengthen Hairs with Nutricosmetics:

Oral cosmetics help us to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs, so when the problem is dull hair, do not hesitate to take Arkocapil (chemical name) available by different names in the market.

Arkocapil returns the shine, hairs vitality, and also strengthen nails. Isn’t it great?

Arkocapil contains Cystine and Methionnine that act directly on the biosynthesis of hair and nail keratin. Vitamin B6, zinc, which intervenes in synergy with this vitamin, favoring the formation of cystine and its incorporation into hair and nails. Finally, vitamin B5 and Biotin that nourish and maintain the capillary structure.

If your hair are dull and damaged as well, then it is recommended to also check how to repair splits ends and damaged hairs quickly.

How To Straighten Wig (Human & Synthetic Hair Both)

Wigs are not something rare anymore. Nowadays, almost every 3rd person owes a wig/extensions/hair clips to have an entirely new look on their face or to just to enhance their natural hair look. Your friends, celebrities, neighbours, public figures almost everyone owes a wig these days but there are only few ones who knows that how to take care of them and especially how to straight them.
wig straightening by flat iron

How to Straighten Wig

There are two ways to straighten your hair.

  1. Straightening with flat iron (suitable for both wig types)
  2. Hot water method (not much suitable for human hair wig)

Straightening Wig with Flat Iron

Yes, you can flat iron synthetic hair as same as wig made of natural hair and interestingly, its nothing much different than straightening your natural hairs. Before getting started, make sure to have hair straightener with temperature control feature. If you don’t have any yet, then get one by checking our handpicked list of great flat irons. Following are few steps you need to follow for a perfect result.

  • Step 01: After ensuring wig hair are detangled, the first far most important step is to use heat protector spray regardless wig type; natural or synthetic. Use of good thermal protection spray over the entire wig ensures no burn out and increases longevity of your hair by minimizing hair damaged caused by heat with time.
  • Step 02: First make sure your wig is completely dry. Use any blow dryer with temperature set not more than 250 F for good results.
  • Step 03: Pre-heat your iron at a normal temperature that you use for your natural hair.
  • Step 04: Take a thin strand from your wig hair at the bottom and start straighten.
  • Step 05: Repeat this and straight it first from the bottom.
  • Step 06: Now hop to the middle part. Straight all wig hair from middle portion
  • Step 07: Get on the top now and straight the whole top section.
  • Step 08: Leave them untouched for 5 minutes so that they dry completely.
  • Step 09: As soon as they get completely dry, use a wide bristle brush or a perming comb to comb them evenly.
  • Step 10: Spray a little bit of hair setting spray to fix them in the same position. Otherwise, they will turn back to their old look.

As wigs are cheap and comes in lot of varieties from synthetic to natural, long to short, thin to thick, straight to curls and heat friendly fiber wigs for different styling, etc. its better to own a flat iron that offers multiple temperature settings so it can be used on any kind of hair. As an author, I will personally recommend you and use Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium, as it offers 50 different heat settings upto 450 degrees for really thick and curly hairs. Its a perfect choice as per me and also an Amazon’s choice. Just make sure to always start straightening wigs from the lowest of temperature like 300 F or below regardless of hair type, and then increase temperature as needed.

Hot Water Method

  • Step 01: For this method, first take a pan full of water according to the length of your wig and bubble boil it.
  • Step 02: Meanwhile, place your wig on a stand or a mannequin head for easy handling. Make sure that it’s not tangled.
  • Step 03: Pour the steam emitting hot water all over your wig evenly and let it cool down. The steam will soft its texture and mold the shape.
  • Step 04: As soon as it gets completely dry, use a wide bristled brush or a perming comb to comb it down evenly. Make sure that the brush or comb you use is soft.
  • Step 05: If it doesn’t give you your desired result then you may repeat the process as many times as you need. It will improve the result every time, for sure.


Either wigs made of synthetically or by human hairs, need proper low temperature to get straighten. But I personally prefer and recommend hot water method on straighten hair extensions which are made by cheap synthetic means. As its more easy, quick and requires less protocols in comparison to flat iron. As a bonus tip, despite using flat iron you can also use curling iron to give curls to your already straight wig hairs. I hope this detailed article have guided you properly, in case of any query feel free to comment below. Thank you!